What is everyone eating from their orchard today?

I figure I’d start this, and hopefully we can keep it going all summer and beyond.
My cherries are finished, I had a decent crop of bing and just a few lapins and stella’s. Also, I ate my last Flavorosa Pluot yesterday.
Today, I ate my first flavor supreme pluot of the season. They are about a month early for here (N. CA ) but it did bloom about a month early. It wasn’t totally ripe, but still excellent. My tree has about 80 or so fruit this year!

Also I ate my first Sauzee King nectarine (donut) of the season. I really like this variety, its early and also really good. My tree always sets a ton of fruit


You west coast folks are going to be way ahead of everyone else. So far, I’m only getting strawberries. Blueberries and blackberries should be ripening up in the coming weeks. I didn’t get any plums this year, so earliest tree fruit will be peaches in August.

Blueberries :slight_smile:

Blueberries today, blackberries soon

Blueberries and plums- out of my S. NY freezer.

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I picked a few honeyberries before squirrel gets them.

The wild red and white mulberries are just coming on here. Had my first several mulbs picked yesterday.

On Long Island - Strawberries - no. Blueberries - no. Honeyberries - no but soon. Plums and peaches are smaller than marbles.

Same with me Danzeb, also on LI. Blues are formed at least. DID use the last of the mulberry/blueberry pie filling from last year’s freezer pie forms to make a tasty pie.

My early strawberries are still green! :cold_sweat:

Cheeries are finished as of this weekend. Bing and ranier. Strawberries next week hopefully


Since all its been doing here is raining the last 3 days…i’m sure there will be plenty of mushrooms to eat.

Everything is coming along…pluots about the size of marbles and apricots are nearly golf balls.

I know I’ll be called the grinch again. But those cherries are 3-4 weeks away from being ripe. I know because my friend just gave me some Van cherries that looked like yours. Bing and Van are dark cherries.

Here’s more ripe cherries and I’m eating ones that look like this now.


looking forward to your taste review this year on cherries Fruitnut

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Wow fruitnut, your rainier cherries are really red. I didn’t get any this year, I had to replace my 3 year old tree that died do to deer damage. I would pick mine while the were still yellow with a red blush, and they were great! I had no idea they got that red, but then I’m guilty of picking cherries too soon before the birds get them.

Thanks fruitnut I stand corrected those cherries aren’t done I wish the birds where know it alls too


Isn’t the Rainier supposed to be yellowish with a blush of red? I have one multi-graft tree for the past 4 years but still have not tasted one yet!

Maybe next year!


Rainiers are only red when exposed to the sun. Shaded sides are yellow. Bing and the like color up dark in sun or shade. But both are sweeter if fully ripe. They can be left on the tree too long. Then they turn soft, lose their acid, and rot.

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Interesting to know. Thanks for an explanation.

I have a multi-grafted, Bing/Van/Utah Giant/Rainier, for the past 4 years. The Bing and Rainier branches did flowered a bit this year but the last time I checked, nothing materialized!

Maybe next year! Always next year! That’s how I comforted myself… :sob: