What is everyone eating from their orchard today?




Drippin' Juicy, sweet, strong flavor/ aroma

.... and more Saturn peaches and Necta Zee nectarines which are much sweeter this week than last week.

Happy neighbors aplenty here!



The raccoons get my grapes every year!
I also get some kind of worm in some. I found if the grape has a black dot on it, it has a worm inside it.




Yeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaa! What beautiful looking fruit! Drooling in RI! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


These are my 'Pristine' apples. They were a little slow in ripening this year, but they are great! The skin is thin, they are very juicy, sweet with a bit of tartness. I look forward to these 'August' apples, as the rest of my apples do not come in until October. My Pristines make a great tart too! There are still more on the tree. I have to pick daily or the squirrels will get them!



Beautiful harvest and yummy apple pie!




Look at this yummy apple pie, I want a piece :yum:


I like how you made the pie. I want a piece. It looks yummy! They apples look good too.


I planted a pristine this spring, I was very pleased with the reviews here and that pie just looks delicious!


I'm hungry for apple pie now.


Bet ya I'm drooling more .... over your pie.



Everybody's fruit look so good.

Mrs. G. Your pie looked beautiful. I bet it tasted great, too.


Oh wow, it all looks so great! Hoping you still have some nice warm temps for a bit yet, to get those melons ripened up.



I am a relatively new fig grower. I am growing about 45 2y old varieties in 4-5 gallon SIPs, and another dozen in large plastic black pots (plus a number of new plants this year but they are not producing yet). I have had a few figs so far this year, one or 2 at a time. But last night was exciting - I got to try 5 varieties for the first time, shared with my wife and mother in law. The following pics is shows 2 Old Brooklyn Italian figs at 6:00, and clockwise from there includes Red Sicilian (MN), LSU Purple, unknown purple fig probably a Mt Etna type, and Bryant Dark. The consensus was that the Red Sicilian was sweetest, and the 2 Old Brooklyn Italian figs had a bit of a sharp or acid flavor that my mother in law described as 'citrus-y'. All were good, all were keepers. Looking forward to getting more of all of these and of the rest of the varieties to come!


nice figs :yum:


Eboone, that a lot of fig trees. What do you do with them in the winter?


They are growing in 4 or 5 gallon homemade SIPs made from recycled buckets. I have a basement room under my front porch that usually stays above freezing that I used to store them in last winter (gonna be a little more crowded this year). I added a small electric heater that I used when the temp dropped below 33 degrees in the room, which was effective. I found that I only needed to run the heater when the outside temp got below 10 degrees, which was about 6 or seven full days and a handful of other nights. The plants started waking up in early April.

This method will require some root pruning probably every other year, and pruning for shape and size control. Beats trying to bury them all or covering them ineffectively, I hope.


Concord grapes , just a few getting ripe enough to eat


My Hosui. Just picked 4 to try out its readiness. And it's definitely ready! :grinning: