What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


Wild plums are just starting to ripen around the yard (pic is several days old)

Always have a heavy crop of these year after year !


Are they taste any good?
Maybe use them as pollinators?



They are very good to eat


In search of my next stonefruit seedling project I present my all thickest hybrid species, it’s a four years old seedling pluot, the original kind of mentioned: ‘Blue-Oxidream’, This Young three carries (after thinning) 15 very thick massive fruits.

Full of surprise the taste exceeds my expectation, I can hardly notice any difference with the original fruit. They are nice and huge with a good flavor and a perfect sweet/sour balance.
a little pride, I am


It is huge and very red. Just beautiful!


Wow… BIG RED plum! I think I slowly am attracted to RED fruit, especially plums that are sweet! My Flavor Supreme produced a dozen this year. All fell prey to PC with only one that survived to ripeness and I even had to share that piece of jewel with a worm in one corner! Man, does that taste super sweet!

Always promise myself next year! :grinning:



More Hosui Asian pears

The 20th Century, not quite ready yet, maybe in 2 more weeks

And finally, the Shinsikei, not quite ready, probably 3, 4 weeks more?


Man that tree is loaded…crazy. A good year for pears…my Seckel is just loaded…more then i’ve ever seen…its close to 10 years old now.


Boy your pears look good. I have a twentieth Century and a Shinseki too. I can’t tell the difference in taste or looks.


My goodness what crops! I always like to know what you or others will do with all of them? They are beautiful!


Mrs. G.
In a few years, your Korean Giant will look like mine. We eat a lot of them and give many to friends, co-workers and neighbors. They love us!


Oh, I can’t wait now, they look so good and no netting? Squirrels and birds don’t like them? They are beautiful!


They are about a month and a half from ripening so those darn squirrels know. I saw a couple got eaten but they must not like it yet.

By early Oct, I will put a bird net around, not over it. I let the tree grow too tall around 14 ft in the middle so cover with net is not possible.

Running cheap black netting half way up the tree all around has worked. Sqirrels do not like to climb messy, loosely hung netting. They do not feel secured unlike climbing a tree or a pole.


Bird go after peaches and apples. Not much on rusetted pears. They skin is tough. That what I think birds around here must feel!!


Both the Northern and Southern Highbush Blueberries are about done,except for Sunshine Blue and a second ripening of Bountiful Blue.The Rabbiteyes are coming on now. Brady

Sunshine Blue

Columbus Rabbiteye-kind of mild flavored

Yadkin Rabbiteye-I like this one,fairly sweet

Trentberry-This odd one came from Edible Landscaping-Probably has more Rabbiteye traits than N or S Highbush-Berries are sweet when really ripe

There are also Himalayan Blackberries growing wild-I think the SWD found them



Good thing that my 3 trees don’t ripe at the same time. Only the Hosui is ready for picking. The other two probably won’t be ready until September and October. They were kind of sparingly produced in the last 2 years. Except Hosui, this is the first year that the other 2 produce excessively. I’ll take some to my parents and brother.

Regarding pesky squirrel(s), I’ve some fruits on the ground with scratch marks. Looks like they’re ready for harvest as well. I’ll have to set up a net very soon!


I think the Hosui is tastier, more balance with some acidity than 20th Century and Shinseiki. I can’t tell any taste difference from them either! But they look a bit different. The 20th Century is more green skin turn yellow while the Shinseiki has the russet skin but lighter color when ripe.



I’ve trapped 6 squirrels under my apple and i’m still finding fruit that was clearly ripped from the tree…i think i saw him in the backyard earlier… things never give up… One issue is the neighbor has a big black walnut full of…walnuts… that can’t help :slight_smile:


I love the red color, looks so good


Tom, So many yummy pears!, I want to be your neighbor.



Better uproot your house now before all the fruits ripped and stolen by my local rats! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: