What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


A lovely after dinner, apply





I do like the look of the french peach+ disease free, where can I get one?


Save me some ,or I will send you


LOL, please don’t send him to my orchard!


No, not him, this is pregnant her LOL



That remind me of the conversation between the 3 hyenas in The Lion King. :smile:

Banzai: Oh, Scar, it’s just you.

Shenzi: We were afraid it was somebody important.

Banzai: Yeah, you know, like Mufasa.

Scar: I see.

Banzai: Now that’s power.

Shenzi: Tell me about it. I just hear that name and I shudder.

Banzai: Mufasa!

Shenzi: Ooooh! Do it again!

Banzai: Mufasa!

Shenzi: Ooooh!

Banzai: Mufasa, Mufasa, Mufasa!

Shenzi: Ooooh!

[breaks into laughter]

Shenzi: And it tingles me!

Scar: I’m surrounded by idiots.


Here is my chojuro. I bought multi-grafted tree that is supposed to have three Asian pear varieties, but there are 4 branches of two green pears, and two brown pears without labels. And another branch grew out of the root stock bears european pear.


Wow perfect fruit!


Sampled my first Climax rabbiteye blueberries today.

I was disappointed in the flavor or lack thereof. Texture was crummy too. I hope this thing improves in future years. I should probably take better care of it. The soil could be better mulched and acidified. It would probably be happier if it were in the Deep South.


You might be right about the location issue. It is sweet in mid Alabama.





Does the color for this Chojuro picture match with the actual fruit, a rustic copper? Looks quite interesting. How is it taste?



Yes, the color is on the copper side. It is one of my favorite A. pear, not real big but flavorful. I don’t think it is fully ripe yet, but I can’t wait. Started to pick some few days ago, sweet and crunchy.


Last Geo Pride pluot here…just about fell off the tree… excellent piece of fruit. Highly recommended. We’ve been munching on these for a few weeks. Emerald Drop still holding about a dozen fruit…we’ll finish those this week. Still have a bunch of Dapple Dandy and Flavor King… Ate a soft BlushingStar… Way better then my Raritan Rose… very good white peach.


got my first 2 Blushing Stars also this past week - agree it is a large, very good white peach (critters got the few others). 3rd year tree


Eastern Prince Magnolia vine berries. Fresh and dried. You can’t eat these raw, but the tea from them is really different. Some may hate it, I look forward to it every year. I never dried them before, so now I can make tea months from now.



I saw the 7.0 K in this thread. Is that right that 7000 peoples had visited this thread? If that is right then keep on aiming for 10 K.



I’ve been taking a cup or more of raspberries (Caroline) —boiling them in water…then adding sugar/water mix…throw some green tea bags in their for a few minutes …letting it get cold for raspberry tea… very good. you have to strain the raspberries so a mesh strainer is needed… I’m a big tea drinker (oolong/black/green) but usually never add sugar, but in summer i like it cold.

Brother stopped and picked a Flavor King when he left…asked him what he thought and he was impressed… i’ll upload some pics once i start picking more of them.



Looking forward to seeing your pics of Flavor Kings grown in z4 Wisc. What a great accomplishment.