What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


Mamuang! I will save you a jar of raspberry jam for your daughter! Your figs look ripe and sweet.


That is very nice of you. Thank you.

I picked about 20 Honey Crisp apples today. Brix is about 11-12 but I like the crunch and juiciness of it, anyway. If you want scionwood, please let me know.

With your offer of the jam, I should go down and graft it for you, too.


Goodness, that’s a big apple! Good thing it didn’t drop from the height! Could have knocked someone out, lol!! What was the variety?


Not sure about Chicago Hardy, but with Black Mission I have to wait until they feel almost like they might pop as I pick them. If I harvest before that the flavor isn’t nearly as intense.


Just an update here… 2 remaining Dapple Dandy out on the 4 in 1 pluot.last stonefruit i have around. I just have left these things go…its been a warm Sept but we’ve had a few nights in the 40Fs…although last night the low was 72F…

Pure sweetness here…excellent tasting fruit. You will never taste a Dapple Dandy like this in the store. Have no idea on brix, but i’m sure its pushing 20s easily. Dapple Dandy is an excellent fruit because its simple to grow. It sets big beautiful fruit and they don’t explode like some plums do when it rains…and you can pick them over a wide time period (i ate the first ones several weeks ago).

Excuse the dirty hands…i was playing with CV joints earlier and oh i love axle grease!


I’m just a bit north of you Rob, and, of our 6 different raspberries Prelude is our favorite. Very heavy producer summer and fall.


My fave too, best dirty hands possible!


Those look fabulous.Now I’m glad there were a few scions grafted to a Flavor Supreme this year. Brady


I dont know the veriety. There are too many apples that look like that. The tree was on the property when i bought it tree years ago. It seems ti be growing on its own roots. The tree looks like it may have been seedling rootstock or a rooted cutting that got cut down and came back from the ground. I call it the 39th Parallel Apple because it sits exactly on the 39th Parallel.

Here is a photo of the tree after i cut out half the wood:


beautiful color, want take a bite :yum:


Golden Delicious ready!


1st harvest from the Shinko A. pears. Ants and Squirrels have started their work! And we already had A. pears up our ears for the past month. Couple bucketful were given away!

And the tree is still loaded with this much left!

I’ll thin out the fruitlets more heartlessly next year!


Holy moly. That’s a lot of pears. :pear:


I had my first Flavor King Pluot today, Brix was only 17, but it was very sweet. To me I can taste the apricot in them. It tastes like no plum I ever had. I’m afraid I was gone most of the last 2 weeks, and the squirrels got all of them except one. My dog keeps them out, but he was with me. I’m going to have to net next year. Again these were fantastic, very different from anything I ever tasted.


With my daughter’s help, I dug up the last of the potatoes from my April planting today. Papa Cacho is a tough, long lasting plant. It has been exactly 150 days since I planted it (April 24th) and the vines have been dying over the last week or so. I just had 7-8’ of them planted and it produced over 16 pounds. That is almost exactly how much I got from 25+ feet worth of red, yellow, blue, and purple potatoes on July 19th (post #364 in this thread). So these take a lot longer, but they seem durable and produce a nice yield.

They are also very large. The biggest is almost 9" long. In addition to the quarters and ruler, this pic also has a Red Boskoop apple (upper left), which is 4" wide by 3.5" tall.

Starting seeds

So sad!


My two little figs.


Yes but they have a nice color. I’d bet they were tasty.


They where wonderful. They actually fell on the ground with the rain today


Hope they were both sweet and wonderful. More next year!