What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


These are not really from my orchard,they belong to the city of San Jose,CA.I was at Emma Prusch Farm Park and picked some Figs.I’m not sure what variety,but they’re sugary sweet and are about the only ones near ripe on many trees there.Brady


Those figs are great. I hope to get 4-5 more before weather.


Looks like the size of my fig harvist. I had never had a fresh fig before. They are a treat. Hope you enjoy them.


Pink Mott apple fritters this am. for breakfast. Making pink applesauce with the rest of them this afternoon. My favorite apple!


Last of the figs



Have you tried the Osborne Prolific fig (aka Archipel)?

In 1955, Ira Condit describes it as performing well along cooler Pacific coast locations so long as it gets caprified by the fig wasp. Do you know if the fig wasp is in your area?

See pages 414 & 415 of this document:

Maybe another fig to look into? I know that cuttings of this variety have been circulating on this forum.


Hey Matt, thanks for the tip. That is a great document–I’ve downloaded it and will read more of it soon. I’m trying to find out whether the fig wasp is around here. My guess is yes. Apparently it was introduced in California and made the commercial fig industry possible, but I don’t know if that means it is prevalent all over the state. I will ask on the cloudforest gardener forum, which is local to Santa Cruz. I’ve seen Osborne Prolific for sale at local nurseries, and I hope they wouldn’t sell it unless it had good quality crops, but I had terrible luck with Brown Turkey, so who knows… I think I will start with a graft and see how it does. Thanks again!


These are the last fruits I have that are still growing,a few Feijoa.First time ever for the two plants.The ones pictured are an unnamed cultivar and have another,a Coolidge that bear three earlier in November.I’m waiting for one of these to fall. Brady


What is it with Parsley! I can’t kill the stuff, both ‘Curly’ and ‘Italian’ are going strong in pots and in raised beds. I really hate to pull it. Sometimes it has ‘overwintered’ well. There is nothing like fresh herbs!


The only crisp apples I have left in storage are some of my red delicious. The Ambrosia were great until December 10th then the skins started to shrivel. I made some Ambrosia into applesauce and found it quite good and did not need to add any sugar since it was such a sweet apple.

I am tickled pink that my sister-in-law returned again from another visit to family in Arizona. She brought me back another giant bag of lemons picked from her daughter’s tree. The bonus gift were really great seedless oranges she picked off a neighbor’s tree (with permission). They are some of the best sweetest oranges I have ever eaten.

My wife’s favorite at this time is consuming some of the 17 quarts of Bartlett pears I canned from my crop back in September. How many pears can a tree produce? I canned 17 quarts, my sister-in-law canned 24 quarts and we still had too many pears. It is a standard size tree.
The pigs got to eat all that was left. The fruit was good sized too as I had thinned them last
June. That tree always me amazes me how much fruit it can produce in a good year.


Is that sulfuric acid behind the Miracle-Gro? :wink:
Also what size is that guava in? I like the branching trunk from low down.


No,that’s fish fertilizer.The Feijoa is in about a thirty gallon container. Brady


FYI: Passiflora mollissima is a synonym of Passiflora tripartita var. mollissima :slightly_smiling:


Still eating apples- Liberties, Winesaps, getting to Prairie Spy. Just finished Yellow Delicious and Karmijn de Sonnaville. A few pears still in the basement cooler.


Still have tons of citrus. Still eating navels, tangelos, and Oroblanco grapefruit.


I harvested and froze more nectarines and blueberries than I’m probably going to use before the trees start giving me a new crop. But I won’t be giving any away until we get past the danger of late frost. Odds of that seem high this season. Too darn mild now.


It’s been colder here, but next week looks like our first warm week here.Way too early still. I’m taking everything out of the garage.
I have limited fresh plants in the winter. But I did overwinter herbs, thyme, rosemary, oregano, mint, and basil. I used them fresh all winter. I do have frozen fruit and also dried fruit to eat during the winter.
An extended warm spell is coming hopefully winter will suddenly end.


I have two Meyer lemons left. My last Enterprise apples were eaten in Dec. I only have applesauce and a few jars of jam left. Many were given as gifts this year. Its freezing here. We have frost, and a little snow on the ground. Not fun.


Citrus, citrus, more citrus. About 70 citrus trees. So, lots of citrus. Oh, and did I say I decided to go on Atkins to peel off a few pounds? Guess what is NOT on the Atkins diet? Yup. Citrus. Damn.

Patty S.


Switch to Tarnower’s grapefruit diet!