What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


I’ve been eating My rasberry jams. I made to much of it. I gave lots away to relatives, and will have to give more away.


HAH! I should, Mrsg. Sigh…:tangerine:


Patty what will you do with all of your fruit?


Well, I used to eat it. Just about all. Now, giving it to friends/neighbors and family. We have a pretty large extended family, thankfully.

Patty S.


Good gravy! And a gymnast too! Holy cow~~~:relaxed:


thanks Richard, good to know!


I share your Atkins pain but occasionally I indulge in a fruit.


I love that diet! I’m going back on soon. I’m on the nutisystem right now. The system where you buy all your food from them. I lost 15 pounds, but I can’t eat this food anymore. On Atkins I was having bacon with breakfast and steak for dinner, AND losing weight! It just doesn’t get any better! the first part is tough with almost complete carb elimination. Very important too, as it works
extremely well at increasing your metabolism. Then Phase 2 is more food, probably citrus too.Or you can have some, just be smart about it. Carbs from fruit is the very best carbs you can have. I missed bread the most. I eat rye now, it has the least carb absorption of any bread. Besides the fact I love rye bread! Pumpernickel too rocks!
Atkins is an awesome diet. it didn’t work well with my wife. I myself lost 50 pounds on it and was not hungry after the first phase was done and I could increase carbs. I’m going back in a week and starting over. I slipped up and gained 35 pounds back, but I fell into my old ways. it’s a lifestyle change, you can never stop eating correctly. I did, I won’t this time. I’m sticking with it.


I wish porterhouse steaks grew on trees!


With lots of mushrooms sliced and roasted in garlic!


Drew, First time I used Atkins I had a friend with me, we checked each others carb intake and we both lost 100 lbs. Without the accountability partner, Atkins is a difficult diet for me. Good luck Patty, hope you drop a half person like I did the first time.


Sounds great!

Well my wife always holds me accountable so no worries there!
It’s not the old Atkins diet. It has been overhauled numerous times. It now is a safe diet.


I agree with chikn. My first attempt at Atkins was hugely successful. I lost 50 lbs and had 6 other friends and family members also on it. Lots of competition and moral support. My second time was by myself if it was extremely tough to get results. I’ve found that the older I get I just can’t she’d the pounds as easily any more.


When I did it, If you couldn’t get in the fast weight lose you at butter, just butter!


My wife is dieting, so we have each other. She wants to try another diet, but we have to overlap in some way as we eat together. Portion control! Weight Watchers has many good ideas to stay on a diet. Like say you just have to have something sweet, or a sandwich. Take a half slice of pie, you get the taste, but you are not overdoing it. Use one piece of bread for the sandwich, you can do anything, just don’t overdo it. I try to start doing something if I can’t get thoughts of food out of my head. It helps. It works best if at some point I have a meal coming, just work till it’s time. I’m a nocturnal omnivore and I have had few good ideas that help!


Wow, well, I only need to lost 25 lbs, fortunately. Not a very big person, so for me, 25 lbs. is a big deal :slight_smile: 6 lbs so far, in 3 1/2 weeks. It is very effective for me. Carbs are not my friends, sadly. Which is very, very hard for this little Italian girl, lol!

Patty S.


I need to lose about 38 more pounds! Yikes! I guess I have to eat NOTHING from my orchard today!:dizzy_face:


Well, let’s all set goals to lose what we need prior to main harvest time :slight_smile: Speedster, very true - the older I get, the harder it is, so it simply has to stay off, now. No going back. Weighwatchers is a great diet and very successful for many. My issue is carbs and I’ve known that for decades, based on how I gain weight (Syndrome X body type, all my weight is around my waistline). I am hopeful to have all my weight off by June or July, but I’ll still be able to add 20 gms of carbs in a few weeks, so that will be my cherries :slight_smile: I’m not going to miss my first really GOOD fruit set year because I can’t eat carbs, that’s for darn sure. Fist bump, Drew. We can do it. It looks like I am having extremely good fruit set this year for the first time, so excited!


Mine too! My daughter is getting married May 13th, and I don’t want to be the fat guy in the Wedding photos!

That’s awesome! Mine looks good too, but late freezes is an issue till May!

I’m a huge fan the Steve Goodman. (RIP brother!) He wrote this song, and i feel his pain!

Chicken Cordon Bleus

When I first met you baby, you fed me on chicken and wine.
It was steak and potatoes and lobster and babe I sure felt fine.
But now all you give me is seaweed and alfalfa sprouts
And sunflower seeds and I got my doubts -
Babe, you left me here with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

My stomach’s so empty and all I got is food for thought.
And I’ve been sittin’ here thinkin’
'bout the twenty pounds of groceries we bought.
We bought ten pounds of brown rice and five more of beans
And five pounds of Granola and you know what that means,
I’m just a regular fella with the Chicken Cordon Bleus.

Now won’t you to play me them fat licks!

I’m starved for affection and babe, I can’t take no more.
You know this stuff is so weird that the cockroaches moved next door.
Babe, can you see that old dog, he’s out in the street
He’s got a big smile on his face 'cause they let him meat.
And babe I got the lemon and the Chicken Cordon Bleus!

Babe, I’m goin down to the bakery
And I’m going to find me a jelly roll
And some cannoli.
Some French pastry.
A chocolate éclair don’t sound too bad.
How about some lasagna?
You know fat is where it’s at.


Yesterday one of the daughters made lemon poppy scones for breakfast. She used one of the Meyers. We had raspberries and whipped cream with them. :slightly_smiling:

I don’t usually eat breakfast, but I was out working early this morning and got hungry. So, I made myself a BAT sandwich (bacon, avocado, tomato). The tomato came from a plant I overwintered in the grow tent.

Good luck, guys! I can’t imagine going on a diet that would torture me by disallowing fruit, or anything else I really like. I’ve never had to make an effort to lose weight, though. My my base weight has stayed constant since I was 15.