What is everyone eating from their orchard today?


Take a few close up pics, please. Maybe, you can take pics of them cut up, too.

I have heard that Shiseiki tastes better. That would be one of my guesses.


Those look and sound like Shinsui. My Shinsui are ripening now, I like that variety because it is a few weeks ahead of any other asian pear variety.


They appear to be picked at their peak. I’m sure they will be delicious.


This is my first time adding a picture so I hope I do this right, I’m quite the luddite.

Proud to show the first of my peaches, along with some berries. The white stuff on the peaches is Surround. I ended up with about 50 of these so far and there are another 30 or so on the tree. After a few years of failure, Scott’s organic program worked incredibly well.

I don’t know what kind of peaches they are, but they are delicious. I bought the tree for $1 from Home Depot years ago. If anyone has any guesses to the variety, please let me know.


Coralstar one of my favorites. Size of a softball.


Of my 49 fruit trees, I’ve only been able to harvest 2 Independence nectarines from my greenhouse tree. I should be able to eat some Puget Gold Apricots in another week or two, then some outdoors Independence nectarines and eventually Frost peaches and HardiRed nectarines. Today though we harvested our first batch of Triple Crown thornless blackberries, which ripened several days sooner than expected.

Here are some of the stone fruit I’m impatiently waiting to ripen.


These are what my kids and I did harvest today…

Then I harvested more for our upstairs neighbours…



How does Laxton’s Giant compare in size and flavor to Titania?


I got rid of Laxton’s Giant several years ago, before I ever got Titania. So, I can’t give a direct comparison, but LG was a very sparse producer for me, with above average sized fruit. Flavor was too strong for fresh eating.

While my Titania is still young, it seems to be a fast growing, strong producing bush with decent berry size.

For more on Black currants:


strawberries coming in more and more each day. picked this today (early glow and mara de bois).