What is [still] producing in your fall garden?


Got my sweet potatoes today. Only two out of 6 survived and gave me this. Some kinda weird some.small some real big…weird. Must be my clay soil. I’ll prep the soil better next year and do a square not a row.


The latest couple of pickings from my garden - Having snap peas for dinner tonite!


Dang those look good. ENJOY!


Okra is practically done, even though the plants have got up over 5ft! We popped open some of the hot pickled okra we made last month. It was pretty good, although it seemed a bit salty and somewhat soft. I think we put Pickle Crisp in it, but can’t say for sure. It wasn’t really hot either, even though we put some sliced Habaneros in there with them. We probably should let the rest of the jars sit for a few months before trying them again.

Peppers are still producing, but that’s it. My wife harvested a bushel basket of small potatoes, mostly Pontiac and Kennebec.


Nice harvest. I would give anything to have grown those and have them ready for Thanksgiving. The rabbits consistently ate all of my plantings so I gave up on my small unfenced growing bed.


Lois, you do such a great job and hide your light under a bushel! I’d eat those beans in a minute. So well grown and green!


Green peppers still producing like crazy. Maybe someone has seen these little yellow guys before? I bought 6 plants and one of them was these little yellow guys. They were all supposed to be regular green peppers. They start green turn yellow then orange. No heat but very different from green peppers. Maybe sweet hot peppers?


Perhaps you mean the snap peas? The beans are definitely on their last legs.

This is a new variety from Johnny’s - PLS 141 - I trialed it this year and will grow it again. Very very vigorous and productive, with huge pods.

I was dubious that it’s meant to replace Sugar Sprint, which is allegedly stringless, but I must admit that I’ve often had to string Sprint, so it’s not really a problem.

The pods are very large, as are the vines. In fact, the vines were much too long for the usual supports I use for peas, I think longer than the 30" they claim. I would definitely not grow these w/o support, no matter what they say.

I’ve been picking them for more than 2 weeks, and they just keep coming.

In both those photos, the big green heaps are the snap peas.


Not a lot of seeds in there!


Ok, Lois, picky, picky, picky, yep meant the peas, AND the green and yellow beans. A compliment Lois, a compliment!!!


This is the first time I can remember picking tomatoes in October. Usually they blight out way before September (These were grafted onto Maxifort so they vigored faster than they blighted.) We have enough canned so I’ve been dehydrating them to use as a seasoning. I’ve ground them w/psyllium and some salt to prevent sticking. Very pleasant flavor - will be fun to experiment.

It’s too hot/humid to clear the beds so I’m just leaving them until it gets down to the 50’s. Now highs are 80’s lows, 70’s w/ high humidity and no wind. Usually it’s cooler than this by now. Been a weird year weather wise - but I guess they all are.

Peppers (red bells and paprika) are lovin’ this weather. I’m flash freezing the bells (sliced) and roasting and dehydrating the paprikas. Pretty soon these plants will be in the way but I’ll try planting around them. I have spinach and cilantro, etc, ready to go in. They’ll be grown under poly along with the lettuce I put in about a month ago.

Beans were pulled because I had enough and ran out of canning jars (a first), and, needed to put in some red cabbage, white cabbage, cauli, and salad onions. They’ll eventually be under poly.

Carrots (I do sequential sowing w/ these) are still doing, and I should mention 1 parsnip. I had very poor germination and after 3 of my best attempts, I got one. First time I’ve grown these…er, um…this.

Other roots still going are ginger, turmeric, sweet potato and a forest of yacon…what was I thinking. We def have to put these to better use than I have before. Haha, will probably be in every salad and stir fry I do this winter. :blush:


That is from a variety mix called “lunchbox”, those look like the orange ones. Yellows are shaped just like a traditional bell pepper, smaller, thinner walls. Reds are the smallest.


Thank you HB…


Anne,I too have tomatoes, some on the verge of turning red. The keaves ate a very lush green . No blight in sight!


If we get the predicted frost this week, I’ll pick the peppers and bring in the rest of the butternut squash.

Hoping that a touch of frost will hasten the ripening of the Fuji apples


It is an result of our abundantly damp conditions. I’ve experimented with some things this year which may have worked and have some ideas for next year to try too.


Here are the green beans [Jade], start of the 2nd flush. Now, will they survive the predicted frost?

Also leaf lettuce






I’m still getting a lot of greens. Also a few cherry tomatoes, radishes, pole beans, and the best carrots I’ve ever grown.

Want to know the secret to growing carrots… baby them like a child when they are young and once in five years you will get good carrots.