What kills stinkbugs?

Seems like my worst pest for both fruit and veggies are the g@$&damn stinkbugs. So far not much seems to kill them.

What works? I’m fine using chemicals. Gotta go Elmer Fudd on the bastards.

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There’s lots of info about this throughout the forum. Try the search function.

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Nothing has worked for me so far in Dallas


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Personally, I’d love to find a safe way to napalm Stink bugs and Beetles but I prefer not wearing Orange and Black.

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Lots of older links to NC State no longer work, but here is some current info on special use labels for products that kill BMSB on commercial apples and peaches in NC. Updated: Section 18 Labels for Bifenthrin and Dinotefuran for Control of BMSB in Apples, Peaches and Nectarines | NC State Extension

I expect the active ingredients Bifenthrin or Dinotefuran are available in other products too.

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I would echo Rick’s post. Most pyrethroids will kill stink bug. Pyrethroids are pretty much the equivalent of napalm to stink bugs.


Eight is a pyrethroid, isn’t it?

If you’re referring to Bonide Eight Vegetable, Fruit and Flower Concentrate, then the active ingredient is permethrin, which is a pyrethroid, and an effective insecticide against stink bug. I use permethrin some myself on the peaches.

It doesn’t have a really long residual. Probably a week is all your going to get out of it. I start spraying for stinkers about shuck split here, although they are active even before that.


So its interesting, I went to the Bonide web site and read the label. This is straight Permethrin 2.5% concentrate. Is 2.5% strong enough to be effective against PC and Stink Bugs? I use 10% concentrate when I spray. This is the first insecticide that i have seen labeled for home use that MIGHT be truly effective against PC. I do not consider malathion and carbaryl to be effective.

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BMSB populations are growing in the Piedmont and Mountain area of NC at this time. Overall trap captures were 2X higher than last month.

Alert for apples: Every time I have used a Permethrin or any 3A type insecticide on Apples I experienced a mite outbreak that required treatment. Never had a mite problem on peaches after using Permethrin.

Sorry, but the only thing that has worked for me is looking for them manually in the spring. When they are babies and black, they are easy to spot. I look for them in the summer too, but the ones we have here are green and blend right in.

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That perhaps could be why the label for permethrin prohibits cover sprays for apples.

I’ve not generally had a problem with mites on apple here when using a group 3 inseciticide, but perhaps we get more rain. On the rare occasions I have had problems, I’ve included a small amount of hort oil in the mix which seems to bring the mites in check.

Generally the label compensates for various degrees of potency of the concentrate by adjusting the mix ratio. I use 36.8% permethrin concentrate, so it doesn’t take much to mix in the tank (10 oz. per 100 gal-at 100 gal. per acre).


I have only tried Mustang Max and Danitol on Apples. Each time I suffered from mite outbreak. The problem with Danitol surprised me since the label says it’s an insecticide/miticide. Oil would not control the mites and it took an expensive miticide to get them under control.

No more 3A insecticides on Apple for me since the mite war, but I really like Danitol for Peaches especially the 3 day PHI around harvest time.


What type of mites/mite damage did you see?

The leaves turned a bronze color. Had to use a hand magnifying lens to see them. I sent leaf samples to the state lab the first time just to make sure




Here I have to use a pyrethroid at many sites that I can’t call a farm, which allows the use of Avaunt. Haven’t had that much a problem with mites as much as scale, both San Jose on apples and Peach scale on peaches and plums. Peach scale can be deadly if not brought under control quickly. The best priced control I’ve found is Centaur because the packaging is smaller.

The one place with a major mite outbreak on just one of the apple trees (about a 20 tree orchard with only 6 apples) received an emergency Sevin spray shortly before. When controlling J. beetles with sev this has often happened over the years. One reason I’ve never gotten into chemical thinning.

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Praying mantises kill them, I saw one get eaten sideways, brutal!


I saw the biggest one I’ve ever seen chowing down on a yellow jacket. It must have been over 4" long!. Even that monster couldn’t put a dent in any pest population. They seem to be built to move slow and consume very few calories.

I love such pre-historic looking creatures. Blue herons and snapping turtles are in the same class for me. Reminds me how insignificant my species is, even in the history of this tiny speck in the universe. Such a pompous species to often presume the universe was assembled for our benefit.