What peppers are you planning to grow in 2017?


My favorite for drying is Habanero Long Chocolate, the heat is definitely there but the flavor goes good with everything. Sprinkled on popcorn is very good.

Another I dry for personal use Peruvian White Habanero this one is good for drying and fresh eating. 1 plant will produce a few hundred pods. I use these dry pods to add to my coffee filter when making coffee, yummy.


I myself would never eat any of them by themselves. For me they are to spice dishes up. I do use a lot in dishes as we make many hot dishes.

The fish pepper. It's variegated, then turns red. You can use it in the white stage or red. Not a super hot a hot. It's an heirloom from Africa used on the East Coast seafood restaurants. It's mixed with white bell peppers to make a creamy white sauce with some heat. I really like this pepper, and I find the super hots too hot to be that useful. I like dishes medium hot to hot. If your lips are sweating it's too hot. One of my favorite powders is jalapeno in the green stage. Jalafuego jalapeno is the hottest I have found and the plant out produces all other jalapeno plants I have grown. I actually wish it was not that hot to use as I would normal jalapeno peppers. Like it's too hot to make poppers with.
Here is the fish pepper. Notice the white pepper at 8 O"clock. Beautiful peppers!


Habanero flavored coffee?? That sounds intriguing but also a bit crazy.

I read up on Ancient Sweet's, and they are supposed to be a really long red banana pepper. How big have they got for you?

These I ID'ed as hot, Bulgarian Carrot, Peter Pepper, and Padron, which is the hottest?

I couldn't find much about the Szentisi Kosszarvu, other than its a common Hungarian pepper, and a green banana, but is it mild or hot?

And, I always thought Scotch Bonnets were really hot, but the Tobago Sweet isn't?


I'll take a jalapeño or Serrano off the plant, slice it up, put a bit of salt on it, and eat it straight. Yes, they're hot, but it's kind of a rush. I can't get my wife to hardly eat one slice, she thinks I'm crazy.

But, I don't know if I have the guts, literally or figuratively, to try a super hot, that's like a whole other realm to me. A few years ago, I did take a challenge with a couple buffalo wings doused in a habanero sauce. It was intense, the main thing I remember was how long my mouth and tongue was semi-numbed. Good times!!


VA Jay, if you want to check out some pics of interesting peppers go to the pic threads and hit my photobucket link. Some have names to them and some do not.

Bob I will answer your q"s when I get home from work.......lunch is over. I"m out.


SD ky, I do ha a pic in photobucket link os Ancient Sweet. It the one with my son holding the plant back so you can see the peppers, they r still green [plant is on the left].

No culinary value in Peter pepper, tastes nasty.

Bulgarian Carrot is hottest of the 3 but remember this, because they taste one way here is no indication that they will be that way under your growing conditions.

I was sent a store bought package from a friend in Hungary, i have not grown them yet but could post a pic of the package when I get home.
Correct on the Scotch Bonnets.


So here is my list of peppers that I planted last night. I think I still need to add one or two. Just so many great peppers to choose from this year, thanks Podpiper.

Trinidad scorpion butch t
Long chocolate habanero
Rocoto de seda
Habanero red savina
Habanero chocolate
Ancho mulato
Hatch chile
Habanero tree
Floral gem
Cayenne gold
Cow horn


May I ask y’all how you learned to eat such hot peppers. Is it genetic? Is there a trick? I would love to be able to but as of yet haven’t. Pls advise.


You start out mildly hot and progress up.

My wife would never eat hot not even Jalapeños now she eats them almost every meal and also includes them in lots of dishes.

Her mac & cheese is one that is made with hot peppers in it.


These are hotter than what I normally eat so we will see how it goes.

My mom always cooked a lot of Texmex type foods when I was growing up and I just really liked the flavor and heat. As an adult I found that I enjoy the flavor of habanero and the heat. I like to have them with my food, so I would take a bite of pepper and a bite of food then eat them together. In the evening I like to eat a habanero with a piece of dark chocolate, it’s like the heat wakes up your taste buds.


That sounds awesome podpiper! Would you mind sharing her jalapeno mac&cheese recipe? I grow TONS of jalapenos but have to scrub the membranes to make them tolerable. One bite from an August Jalapeno will leave my mouth burning for 60+ minutes.


Has anyone grown thai red chilis? I just potted some up last weekend and want to use them in thai dishes.


I was just reading about the Hananada heatless hot pepper. Has anyone tried it? Baker Creek sells it. I’d try it but I already placed/received my order for the season.


That can’t be fun, right? :blush:

I’ll be growing only whimpy varieties: Sweet Bells(World Beater & King of the North) and Jimmy Nardello, which I understand has a lot of flavor w/o heat from the reviews on BakersSeeds. I have plenty of the seasoning peppers dried so I can skip growing them this year.


I like using some hot peppers in cooking but I HATE cutting them up (too many stories of getting juice under a fingernail, etc.). I just buy canned tomatoes with chilis in them or use pickled jalepeno slices in my spaghetti sauce. But I did grow one pepper last year that was awesome. Purple Peruvian Chile is a beautiful plant and an abundant producer of 1-2 inch little hot peppers. Not super hot I guess but maybe close to jalepeno heat? But what I loved about them was they were so small I could cut them in half and put them in soup or just cut the top off and put them in a smaller portion of the soup and then puree with my stick blender. Added flavor and heat to the dish but I didn’t have to risk my hands or eyes cutting much (and could flick the seeds out with the point of my knife easily).

I’ll grow it again for sure. Another repeat for me is Pimento (I prefer it over green bell peppers, it has a nice thick wall and flavor and easier to grow than bells for me). New peppers I want to try this year, space permitting, are Corbaci (sweet), Cherry Pick (sweet – very tiny – I am thinking of this one for my kids), Biscayne (sweet, an improved Cubanelle/frying type),Lemon Drop (hot – tiny peppers similar to Purple Peruvian and supposed to be almost seedless so sounds perfect for me).



My daughter (in kindergarten) would eat whole Jimmy Nardello peppers every day at school. The peppers have the appearance of long hot peppers, so all of her peers thought that she was eating long hots! It earned her some street cred. Nobody (but you) needs to know that they do not have any heat!


I do and think a few others do, too. I grow it in pot because of my zone. It does not do too well indoors this year. It goes outside in late spring to the fall. It loves hot weather.


Peppers for 2017. Thank you @thepodpiper for the expanding my horizons.

-Marconi golden
-Costa Rican*

Low heat:
-Numex Sunset
-Aji Dulce

For fun only:
-Carolina reaper

  • means that I’ve grown this pepper before.


I hate spicy foods…not a fan. I love mild peppers… Sometimes i’ll grow spicy peppers for other people.


Peppers grew on me. When i was young, I was not a big fan. Now I love them. So many different flavors to be had

Their are a few peppers that give the flavor of hot peppers without the heat. They almost taste perfumy, very strange! They are loaded with flavor, one just cannot taste it due to the heat! The one I tried is named right! Trinidad Perfume. No heat, strong hot pepper flavor.

This year I’m growing my usual hatch green chili I have to have. And then the rest are old seeds, or recently damaged saved seed where I found a few good ones not damaged by my refrigerator braking down and molding them! Argh! So my grow plans changed at the last minute. All newer seeds put on hold till I restock the ones I want to keep.
Spanish Mammoth seeds were damaged, and I found five seeds not moldy. I love this sweet pepper! Hopefully one will germinate??