What’s this on my nectarines?

I just noticed about a quarter of my Fantasia nectarines have been ruined with this. All of my fruit is bagged, so I didn’t notice it until I physically squeezed every bag.

This is a rot, possibly Brown Rot. You should spray with a good fungicide before bagging.


Blossom end rot.

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At this point, perhaps a copper spray can help a bit.

I agree with Ahmad, get a fungicide that is effecive for control of brown rot. I think there are better options than copper.

Copper is not good enough for brown rot. At this point, I would remove all bags, discard any questionable fruit together with the bags covering them, and spray the remaining ones with something like propioconazole or Indar. Make sure you read the label and that you have enough days remaining before harvest to fulfill the pre harvest interval.

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Indar is particularly effective against brown rot.

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I sprayed everything (bags on) last night with an organic copper spray.
Is Indar bad for your skin? As I’d have to be handling the tree a lot to rebag everything. May be able to accomplish it with full cover and gloves.
Not sure I want to go through all the rebag work again this year. Are any of the fruit likely to survive if I just let things go as is this year?
If some of the fruit has not been infected, and it’s covered with a bag, is it likely to be protected from brown rot infection? How is it transmitted exactly?

I have already told you what I believe is the best course of action, you can follow it or try other alternatives, but it will take you years of trial and error to figure it yourself (reinvent the wheel). You don’t have to listen to one person’s (me) opinion, but do some serious research to save yourself years of frustration and wasted crops.

For any spraying, you have to be wearing appropriate PPE, which should be described on the pesticide label.

Possibly, but that depends on the disease pressure in your yard. Rot gets transmitted by fungal spores (which can be in the thousands or millions) floating around in the air, and infection is highly favored by humid conditions.

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