What to grow in New Orleans

My daughter and son-in-law just bought their first house in New Orleans. I want to get them set up with some fruit trees. Two that come to mind are citrus and avocado. Well also bananas. Please give me some recommendations of varieties that would grow well there and also taste great. I have never grafted citrus or avocodo but I’m not against creating a multigraft tree either. Thanks in advance.

Satsuma orange

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LSU type Figs do well

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Meiwa kumquat grafted to Poncirus trifoliata of Flying dragon

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Jujube does well there. Muscadines, blueberries, blackberries, Hamlin orange, low chill peaches such as Gulf King, floridaking, Tropic snow, various persimmons, loquat does really well, various low chill plums, various mulberry, southern pears such as Kieffer, pineapple, goldenboy, Scarlett, Baldwin, hood, leconte and various Asian pears.

Crap, just Check JFE website, almost everything they have will grow there. Just call and ask if unsure.

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If you pick out some Southern apples the trees will last many many years. Contact David Vernon at Century Farm Orchards. He is a great resource for help with picking out apple trees or pear trees for that area.

Thanks for the responses. Rather than generalities I was hoping for some specific varieties of citrus as well as ovacodoes and bananas. Also I’m open to constructive criticism of what I’m trying to do. Such as they are too cold or humid for ovacodoes, etc.

Satsuma mandarin
Raja Puri banana

Don’t know about avocados there would have to be Mexican types

Cherry of the rio grande hardy to 20 degrees

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How hard is it to graft citrus? A multi graph tree would be nice.