What variety is this Pluot?

It was supposed to be Dapple Supreme, I’m thinking it may be Emerald Drop. The fruit is sweet, flavor okay. Also quite a bit of russeting just on this tree, any idea the cause zone 9b Glendale AZ.!

Joe - you may be right. I am not sure. Found some images online of Emerald Drop Pluot… looks close.

The images the inside fruit color seems to be more yellow/orange than yours… could be a difference in ripeness ?


I have a friend up north that has a Green Gauge plum… that he says is really good. I believe him too, lots of folks online agree with that, but it is a Euro Plum… it does look similar to yours, but based on your tree size, and that is is producing already, don’t think it is a Euro Plum. I have a couple of those and they are taking extra long to start fruiting. Longer than I want for sure.

Good luck with the ID.


I checked all the green plums and Pluots at DWN and the Emerald seems to fit the ripening season and low chill the best. I also searched this group and found a few pics of Emerald that look like these. I planted this one last year and planted an Emerald Drop this year, I’m hoping it’s a Dapple.

The fruit of Emerald Drop and Flavor Queen looks very similar as well based on pictures.

I have a Flavor Queen tree which has not yet fruited. One defining characteristic of this tree (if not mislabeled) is that the young branches are garnet colored compared to the other pluots I have.

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Flavor Queen ripens significantly later than Emerald Drop, right?

At Hickman,CA,where Dave Wilson Nursery is,Flavor Queen ripens between July 15 to July 30 and Emerald Drop,July 17 to August 5.

Hmm, I wonder where I got that notion.

This Dave Wilson chart sows less overlap than that, but also I’m probably thinking of Emeral Beaut as being the odd one out, ripening significantly later, although it overlaps with Flavor Queen, just hangs for a long time.

Now I’m glad I have my Flavor Queen graft. I have Emerald Drop on a multigrafted tree, and whatever Vincent has on another tree. Both flowered this spring, but neither set any fruit. The flowers are tiny.

I noticed that,with a couple of,what are suppose to be,Emerald Beaut grafts.

This shows Queen July 27th. with chill of 4-500 I probably got 250-300 chill and the tree set heavy. I think we’re 10-20 days earlier here. Flavor Queen | Dave Wilson Nursery

I would be inclined to think , that the variety shown by
JoeAZ, is Dapple Supreme harvested too early (because of its flattened shape).
But I’m going with the California ripening dates, and this is my Dapple Supreme variety today:

And this is Emerald Drop harvested on July 18 of last year.

Flavor Queen is harvested later than Emerald Drop , so I think taht the variety of pluot of JoeAZ is Emerald Drop harvested very early, since it should have the flesh at its optimum point of ripeness, like this:

Emerald Drop  2

By the way .
Murky, I think we both go to the same hairdresser hahahahahahahaha .



@Jose-Albacete Several years ago I switched hairdressors from Gillette to Defender:



It finally occured to me to look up their respective patents.

Emerald Drop is listed as “small” for flower with diameter 14.5mm
Emerald Beaut is listed as “medium” for flower size

So this may be an easy screen for a likely mislabel.

Both my Emerald Drop on my multigraft Pluot, and the scion from Vincent’s “not Emerald Beaut”, have smaller flowers than any of the other stone fruit.

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