What's causing weird new leaves on peach?

Tree was newly planted last year and then severly damaged by hail. You can see the damage in the pics. Tree only has 3 fruit

Tree has put on a bunch of growth and was very green and healthy looking until about a week ago. Now the newest tips are curved and kind of wrinkled looking…any ideas?

Did you spray your tree with anything or your neighbor sprayed some herbicide recently that drifted into your yard?

I didn’t spray anything and I don’t think anybody around me did either.

There’s farmland about 30 feet from these trees but I didn’t see the farmer spray anything. I don’t see any signs of leaf problems on my apples, just the peaches

I’m thinking of cutting off the affected branches to outward facing buds

I don’t see anything different, That’s how peach shoots grow.

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Zone 9 has it right. That’s normal growth. Leave it alone. I pruned some peach/nectarine back very hard in order to get grafts to push out and catch up with the rootstock tree. The second growth looks “abnormal” but much like yours. Yours got knocked back just like mine. It will be OK.

I’m just hoping the late growth sets fruit buds. I think it will. Cutting yours back again makes fruit buds less likely.

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How hot has it been?

Low 90’s. The new growth feels sticky but I don’t see any aphids

@Olpea what do you think? My new growth has never looked like this before

I think it’s a bit abnormal looking, but not bad. Pruning peach trees really hard gives the leaves a light green mottled appearance in my orchard. Perhaps you haven’t pruned hard, but I wonder if hail damage can do the same?

I wouldn’t do anything to the tree at this point.

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I think it’s just a terminal bud that stopped growing and then started back up again?

To me it looks like heat/humidity issue. Perhaps I am wrong.