Whats going on with Raintree nursery?

Just got my order from them and the box is literally broken in half - which is almost certainly the fault of UPS. Haven’t opened it yet but I can see that the bamboo stake they send with the product is broken so I would be very surprised if there is no damage. This ever happen to anyone?

The odd thing though is that their website is down (confirmed its not just me with downforeveryoneorjustme.com) and their phone lines are busy.

Update: tree looked fine so I went ahead and planted it.

I’ve had that happen with FEDEX and USPS but not UPS. ia live tree is more flexible than a bamboo stake. hopefully it came thru it ok.

That sort of looks like they taped two boxes together. It usually doesn’t break right at the tape.

The trees are probably OK.


I think (hope) its UPS that taped it so that the package would arrive in one piece. I’m kind of annoyed at this because I paid like $32 for the shipping of just one tree.

No way to contact them though because their website is still down and phone line busy.

https://raintreenursery.com works for me

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works for me too. phone works also.

They got their butt kicked by the weather this spring as I understand it. My order from them arrived about a month late, and they never gave me a shipping confirmation when they finally did ship it. I’m really glad it didn’t arrive when I was out of town and cook in the sun! On top of that, all my Krymsk 1 rootstock from them was already leafed out and starting to bloom. It’s probably fine, but really not cool when I paid a decent chunk of change for shipping.


The box I received was just fine, albeit of smaller proportions.

my B-9 rootstock looked good, i got it yesterday. im glad i ordered from them early on though because they really jacked the price up on them. tney went from 2.75 to 4 something apiece. they were the only ones that i know of that went up like that.

They were about 3 weeks later than I had planned last year…so I never ordered from them this year.

I just received a plum and jujube from them. The plum looked okay. The jujube roots had been trimmed long enough ago that they were healing and there is probably not enough roots left to support the tree. I didn’t get a good picture but why would these roots been trimmed that long ago?

My box was fine and the packing was moist but I was notified last Friday 3/29 of a tracking number but I suppose it sat somewhere until 4/2 when it showed up in UPS system. It arrived today

I was physically at Raintree Nursery a week ago, drove up from Portland to purchase some caneberries. The place looks like it always has, although the gardening/food items for sale in the office building were greatly reduced in number; perhaps their jam and jelly maker has retired.

Funny you should mention them. I ordered back in January and I still haven’t received my order. When I placed it, it said it would ship late Feb. early March. It is April!
All my other new trees have been in the ground a over a month and are done flowering/leafing out yet I still don’t have my trees from Raintree. I have sent them many emails and they always say it is shipping soon. I am getting quite peeved.
I am glad to see that you are getting your orders (as rough shape as it was). Gives me some hope that I may get mine.

Hooray, I just got a UPS notification that a package from Raintree is scheduled for delivery today! Now if it would just dry up a bit, I could get those plants in the ground.

I got my shipment from Raintree yesterday. I got a Danube cherry on Gisela 3 that had very good roots plus some additional Gisela 6 rootstocks.

Let us know how Danube on G 3 does. Mine was on G 5.

Somehow it just did not set fruit well even with tons of flowers from other varieties next to it. Danube itself flowered abundantly but barely set any fruit so it got axed. It happened to other growers, too.

Good news. Fruit tasted good.

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That Jujube is pathetic.


I agree!


Ah lucky you. I have no car, and live in Vancouver,WA, so shippung said $9. I wanted just 1 plant, a specific strawberry.
Sadly it is not sold any other location.

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The Raintree owner Sam Benowitz is retiring and is transitioning the business over to the new owner. I hope folks will keep this in mind when things are not as expected. Sam grew the business to an impressive size and offered items not found elsewhere.

Sam did a great job introducing new varieties and furthering backyard orcharding skills. I wish him a long and happy retirement!