What's Growing in Your Veggie Garden? Got pics?

I don’t have a large variety planted this year. My official garden has limited space. It’s only about 8’x 14’. It’s in transition from cool weather crops to summer veggies. Throughout most of it, my rows go across the width.

One corner of that is a patch of volunteer cannas. It was unplanned, but looks nice in the summer and doesn’t really need watering or special care. So, I leave that part as is. The rest of that last section is solid bed of multi varieties of lettuces. Anything except iceberg style. They’ve been going strong for a few months, but their urge to bolt will soon end their season for us. That is one crop we all wish could be grown throughout summer. It has provided us with a quick, colorful, and tasty completion to many meals.

Going inward from there, I planted a block of peanuts on the 7th. I was very surprised that it only took them 4 days to get their heads above ground. Most were already sprouting when I shelled them. They have a long season before maturity, and will probably occupy that space until at least the end of August.

Next along is a double row containing 7 variously colored bell pepper plants and one ghost pepper. Sideways between the peppers are short rows of bush green beans. I think the beans will be done before the peppers get huge. I’ll just cut them down and leave them for mulch.

Following that is a raised row of what remains of the beets. I’m thinking of putting in some more cukes when those get pulled. Possibly some crookneck squash.

The next to the last row is also raised. Most of that is the last of the pak choi and Napa cabbage. The rest is bush style yellow string beans. The choi and cabbages solidly fill their area, but will come out soon because they’ve already lasted longer than I expected. Have to decide what to put in their place.

The final wide raised row is a thick stand of spinach on one end. It contains a row of 3 week old corn down each side. Throgh the middle are bush style purple string beans. I don’t usually bother with corn because it’s so much trouble keeping it watered for the amount we get compared to the space it takes. This is just enough to use for a meal or two for the family. I figured it didn’t really take up much space this way, since it was being utilized by the beans and spinach, anyway.

That’s my “official” garden space during this transition season. I have few hundred square feet of unofficial and newly created planting areas scattered around that are easier to describe that I can tell about later.

Maybe someday I can get the kids to snap a few pics and post them for me.

What veggies are you growing? Got pics?


Inside my greenhouse, I have tomatoes, Spanish Roja garlic, strawberries, carrots, green and purple asparagus, ginger, and pineapple tomatillo.

6 celebrity tomatoes
2 better bush tomatoes
12 kohlrabi

I have in raised beds and in pots various basil’s, oregano, parsley, chives, garlic, sunflowers, lettuce onions, radishes, fennel, tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes.
So frost warnings last night, and darn if we don’t have a very light frost! But all looks fine, I might lose some plants. I won’t know till I look closely. I’m still finishing my morning coffee.
I’m growing 16 different tomatoes, and 15 different peppers. Not much to look at now, all was just planted out.
I will be trying various beans, but it is too early to plant yet. I like pole beans, they produce like crazy.
I also will be planting one melon and a couple watermelons. Probably June first. I will start them inside in the next couple of days.
My main container plantings

My onions, just a small patch. I have them planted in many beds.

Garlic and peppers. A cucumber is under the walls of water. It’s too cold to plant them yet, but I got a grafted cucumber this year, and it came in, so out it goes protected by the walls of water. . I will be planting more June 1st.

My peppers are still small, but producing already.


Yellow Squash and green onions growing under new Dave Wilson plums.
Next year sweet potatoes grow here that way the ground crops every year.
Year 3 the ground has full shade and hopefully a plum crop.

Believe it or not if this row was just trees it would need more water.
The squash plants conserve water by shading the ground.

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Everything looks amazing. I love garden pics! :heart_eyes:

[quote=“Drew51, post:4, topic:1303”]
I like pole beans
[/quote]Drew, Pole beans are the best! We grew blue lake #1 last year and some were excellent and some were flat and no meat between beans, bad taste also. This year we will have b.l. s7 variety, also fortex and garden of eatin. If my techie kid would get home and show me how to post pics, I will.
Other stuff:
Vangaurd, Declaration bell peppers, assted hot peppers. We sell jalepenoes and bells to a local texmex place.
We plant multiple varieties of bush beans, trying to find one that doesn’t get mushy when you freeze it. Neither of us can spend much time bent over picking so we plant varieties for machine harvest and when they get loaded we just pull the plant, till the row and reseed them. Saves the back and next year that area is ready for sweet corn.
Sweet corn: Montauk. so expensive…so worth it.
Garlic: Music
Beets: Red Ace
Chard: Rainbow
Collards and Kale: Vates Haven’t tried these greens before
Various red leaf and butter head lettuces
Kohlrabi: Winner…very tasty
Peas: sugar snap only, can’t remember the name but were excellent last year
Tried broad beans last year…not this year
Tomatoes: Big Beef, Carolina gold, Big Mama, dynamite sauce, very sweet.
Watermelon: Orange crush, some others from Wilhite’s in Texas.
Melons: Carole, single best cantaloupe I’ve grown. Galia, and passport.
Squash: Mixed hubbards, butterbush, avalon, and butterfly for butternuts, sweetmama for butter cups. Don’t like acorns,zucchini is usually burpee’s select.
Growing zinnas and statice for my son’s wedding in Sept.
Works out to about a half acre and a sore back.

I’m growing a couple Blue Lake plants this year. I’m growing a couple plants of a few types to try them out. I got some from Europe too to try out.
I’m growing the black seeded version of Blue Lake, Not sure it has a number?
Also Kentucky Blue which is a cross of Blue Lake and Kentucky Wonder.
A couple rare types, to test out, they looked interesting
Stortino di Trento

I also want to try some wax beans so
I’m growing
Monte Gusto
Yellow Anellino
Meraviglia Venezia

Our wax bean was/is Eureka. Stunning yields and great flavor for wax bean. Think its 51 days too.

That sounds like me. :smile:

I enjoy seeing pics of others gardens. It keeps my enthusiasm from waning as much as the days get hot and the rain refuses to fall on my lot. I’m spending so dang much time keeping things watered and alive that I’m having difficulty getting the rest planted.

Eureka looks good, but I need to grow pole beans as they take less room, and produce better. Room is an issue. Growing vertically takes up little room.Here is a two day harvest from a 12 foot stretch of pole beans. This rate every two days kept up for weeks. It seemed like the more I picked them, they more they grew more. They produced and kept growing new pods from spring till fall. They slowed during the heat of the summer, but picked up again in the fall. These were harvested 2014 08 11

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Toss in a few taters, a bit of onion, and you’ve got dinner right there.

Drew and David you gardens look nice! Drew how did you manage to have peppers so early?
Here is the overview of my main vegetable garden. Sorry for some low quality pictures it was getting dark outside

There is a big lovage plant in front, an easy to grow perennial herb.

Eleven tomato plants, many have flowers:

Spring greens:

Purple tomatilos and fava beans on the back:

Strawberries and onions

Young peppers, garlic, dill and mustard volunteers

I would probably stop here. Beans, squash, melons, watermelons, okra are going to be planted soon.


Those aren’t low quality pics. Your garden looks well organized and on its way to being very lush.

I had to pull most of my remaining garlic today because it’s dying back so much. Needed to get it out while I could still find it. It had all headed and did better than I had expected it to for my first go at growing it. What an easy to care for planting here! Just put it in the ground before winter, and forget about it until spring.

Beautiful garden. Our favas got black growth all over the pods last year and were very shy with the pods. On a well manured pH 6.5 loamy soil. Quite a bit of spring rain. What did I do wrong?
Nice beans! Bacon’s a nice touch with beans too. Love it-thats why I’m fat! We found the more we picked the pole beans the more they grew too. Finally collapsed our trellis they were no fun after that

Drew Last years’ Eureka. Only 2" now.

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The Eureka’s look nice, I’m going to have to try them somewhere. I heard the German Neckargold were excellent. So hopefully I can take a similar photo of them this year.
Antmary yeah your garden looks great! Your tomatoes are all about the same size. Mine this year are huge to runt size. The peppers produced early, not sure why?

Thank you everyone! I am trying to organize garden while I can, in the summer it’ll start to organize itself :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.
MuddyMess, my garlic never grows that big as you can buy in the store, so I do not consider it very successful, but still it grows trouble free.
Chicken, fava beans will never be very productive as regular beans, I grow it for the food diversity, early crop, soil building, etc. I do not know about black staff on the fava beans, may be aphids? I see a lot of ants on the fava beans and I started to watch for aphids on them. Last year I grew purple pole beans, like Drew has on his picture. This year I’ll also try yard long red Chinese pole beans and I’ll post pictures of them when they will be ready. Eureka beans are really nice, they will be my next year candidates. This year I want to plant edamame soy beans as well for the first time.
Drew, my tomatoes, determinate and indeterminate are the same size, and they started to flower at about the same time. All tomatoes and peppers are very good this year and I think the main reason is that I used Pro mix organic soil with seaweed compost. I did not need to fertilize them at all, and the pants looked very green and lush all the way until I planted them outside.

Very nice garden, Thanks for sharing the photos.
If more people in America had a garden like yours it would be a happier place.

I put in two raised beds this year, a 4’x8’ and a 4’x16’ I’ve planted a little bit of everything.