What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


The first one I bought never grew, so I bought another, and it grew well. I put it in the ground this fall. No berries yet, I will have some next year. I like these odd fruits. I wanted a Pink Lemonade but reports from growers say it is a shy bearer. Also being mostly Rabbiteye not an ideal plant for my location. Pink Popcorn is a whole different line of blueberries being a Northern Highbush, I don’t think these two pinks taste or look anything alike. An earlier pink was developed and seems to have had limited distribution. I think it is called Pink Champagne?


You are correct sir!


My Pink Lemonade has been slow to get growing but last year it did fairly well. Looks like it will bloom pretty well this year but nothing like my other varieties.


Holy Kascmoly!! Are my Blackberries getting Buds even after 3 Frosts?


Counting the days brfore I can begin hard pruning! Cannot wait to get my trees back into shape. This years growth was tremendous.


Dorsett Golden, second flowering, second crop. Pretty tasty. I guess this is one advantage of not having any chill hours?


None-to-few chill hours? Hard to imagine when I live with about 2100 hours (yes, that is correct) annually. Many’s the June night that dips below 45 F.
On the other hand, insect pressure is low. My wife likes insects small and innocuous, and rare. I like that it makes growing higher chill-hour fruits a simpler matter. Enjoy your Dorsett Golden! I might never have the pleasure.


Couple yards/loads of compost 1/3 sawdust, 1/3 hay and 1/3 manure. Should be good for veggies this year.


Do you make your own ‘black gold’?


No Ma’am. This stuff is made out on a local farm. :+1:


Wish I could get two truck loads of it!!!


Do you get many grass/weed seeds from the hay?


Actually I’m not sure yet. This will be my first year using this blend of compost. In the past I have used mainly leaves and pine needles.
I imagine I probably will get a fair share of weeds. What do you think?


Best way to test for weed seeds in compost.: Get a pot (or a few pots, with compost from different areas of the compost pile), put the compost in it, and keep the compost slightly damp. Put it in a warm place with plenty of sunlight. If nothing germinates after a few weeks, the compost should be clean.

You can do a similar test to make sure the compost doesn’t have any herbicide traces in it. Just follow the same procedure as above, but stick in a pea seed. If it germinates and looks healthy, there should be no problems. Hope this helps.


What kind of manure is that? I’ve done horse manure in my raised beds in the past and always had to deal with weed. But they were easy to pull in raised bed and the quality of soil improved more than the pain of having to pull weeds.
I haven’t mixed hay into the soil. But I do mulch with hay and get weed if I don’t pile up the mulch thick. If it’s thick enough not much weed issues.


Depends on the hay and the field. We have a lot of Bermuda hay…if it’s pure coastal it won’t have seeds. Very few hay fields around here are pure and there will be weeds and seeds. I’m not familiar with hay in your area. I’ve been sorely tempted to use hay for mulch but hate to because of seeds. Sounds like nice compost if you don’t seed your place with other stuff.


It’s horse manure. :+1:


I have used lots of mule manure , I think it is really good for the soil because you can use lots of it and it is full of organic matter the animal did not break down. On the flip side they don’t break seeds down as much either, but easy to combat with a good layer of mulch next spring


A report on this squash harvest. I didn’t have good hopes for the butternuts after picking them so early [there were still faint green lines visible]

But today I got one out for dinner, and it was in perfect condition - not only that, deliciously sweet and tasty. Have to say it was my best harvest ever. The remaining squash are still totally sound - not a sign of shriveling or mold.

From now on, I’m not going to leave my butternuts on the vine til the last minute before frost, I’ll pick them earlier, squirrels or no


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