What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


Sorry to hear about your dog. My dog is so special to me, so I know how you feel. The best medicine is another dog.


I so agree.


Yeah it’s not to replace but to keep you distracted and realize other animals need love too. If you get lucky you’ll get another good one.


I know how you feel Dave. I am sorry for your lose. I have a friend who hangs all his past dogs collars up on his year view mirror. After you have grieved for a while, like Drew says, get another one. They are great!!


We had the highest overnight low I can remember last night – 94 degrees. Santa Ana (our name for hot, desert winds that blow towards the coast) winds blowing up to 30 mph was not friendly to our little Sir Prize Avocado. Clean break at the graft union. Two year old had been a slow grower, but was finally making some progress. Have never tried grafting avocado – can’t be a good time of year for it, but might give it a shot.


Never answered my own post before, but we had guests from Uganda and it seemed a good time to open up the later fruit from Hunt Russet. 18 Brix, fairly juicy, some balancing tartness, complex and nuanced: nuts, a bit of Winesap vinous character, a background citrus - tangerine? Also, the dry sharp tang of rose petal. That last is just a bit more prominent than the citrus note, and took time to isolate on the palate. Interesting and likable. The flavor lingers in a long finish. With a cast of eight evenly divided between boys and adults tasting, everyone liked or loved it. Texture: firm, even dense, chewy; encountered this before - Calville Blanc d’Hiver and GoldRush.



Today I saw Persimmons in the store. Never had one before. Picked out a nice orange one, most were damaged. I’m going to let it ripen another day or so. Cost $2/each. Better be good. Looking forward to my first persimmon after all the persimmon talks on this site.


Don’t get your hopes up too high. Many people like them. I’ve only eaten fuyu, Hachiya, and native American persimmon but haven’t exactly been blown away. I find the asians overly sweet with no acid to help balance the sweetness. To me they have a bit of nutty sweetness flavor. The native persimmons have a more interesting flavor but need to be soft ripe to be palatable.


I think this is a Hachiya. Kinda pointy little thing.


Some fall colors around the neighborhood from my drone.

I believe the gorgeous red trees in the last picture are red maples or autumn blaze maples.


Which drone did you use to take these pictures?


Beautiful Fall colors.



DJI Mavic Pro

If you look at the first picture closely you can see the american flag stripes I cut into my lawn. lol Gravely is working pretty well.


When I’m looking for pawpaw or persimmons on property it would help a lot to use a drone.


Today’s (Oct 31) harvest of feijoa (Our Best Round, Nazemetz, and Apollo in one bowl; Moore, Nikita, Abbadabba, Albert’s Supreme, Flavia, and Mammoth in the other bowl):

Apollo fruit has an interesting shape:

Flavia fruit is huge:

Today’s (Oct 31) harvest of pomegranates (six different cultivars; at least some of the trees I received from a nursery were mislabeled, so not all varieties are firmly known):

Alk Pust Ghermez Saveh:


Hotuni Zigar (might be mislabeled):


I’m impressed! Those look amazing! I’m completely ignorant about feijoa so please tell me more! I would love to see pictures of the tree. I’ve eaten guava from the store which are good and I’m assuming they are somewhat similar.


Feijoa is also called “pineapple guava”, but the taste is quite different from the true guava. Feijoa has a good level of acidity and quality cultivars also develop a good level of sugar, so taste is balanced and refreshing. My feijoa plants grow as bushes, although they can be trained as a small tree if desired. Some of my bushes have been planted in 2014 and some in 2016. Here are some pictures of the plants:


i love pomegranates! wish we could grow them here. my father got me into eating them. called them indian apples.


We did too, I just bought some excellent ones at a local market. From California. I have a couple trees in containers, very young though.I plan to treat them just like the figs. I saw a few cultivars I would like to try, early fruiting dwarf etc.


Brought in figs, che and turmeric. Usually stuff would be frozen out here by now, but weather has held and everything is just chugging along. Last of the tomatoes are in now, sweet potatoes curing, took cuttings from my rosemary, tarragon, lemon verbena and stevia to root over winter, brought my citrus in. All a out 2 weeks later than usual.