What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


Hate to sound like my own grandpa, but it wont be great. They are too soft to ship ripe. Locally (or better, home) grown is the only way to get the full flavor of these beasts.


You are right I think. I wasn’t too impressed by the flavor. I may have cut it too early too. Not sure. Plus it was very astringent. We didn’t finish the entire fruit. First and the last time to buy it.

On my way to work I drive by a beautiful fuyu type persimmon tree. Well maintained tree covered with beautiful fruit right now. I’ve thought about stopping by and ask for a fruit if I see anybody around. Kinda feel weird asking strangers for fruit. I wonder if there’s a huge taste different in fuyu and hachiya and if the one I bought was just an underripe hachiya that didn’t do justice for persimmons.


good luck! I’m jealous! :wink:


I was out raking leaves in the yard and had to try a rose hip from my Winnipeg Parks rose bush. Mushy from the freeze but interesting flavor.

I also picked a few freeze-bletted crabapples from my Royal Raindrops. I wish there was a crab like these that wasn’t so astringent and had more flesh. When freeze-bletted they taste like dried cranberries. But before a freeze they are spitters from the tannins.


I heard they root easily from cuttings. Well fairly easy.


A bird deposited a crabapple right next to my fence. It was there before I moved back in 87. I keep cutting it down, but it still is alive and needs to be cut way back yet again. The fruit is tart, but sweet enough to eat off the tree in my opinion. I made jelly once, it was pretty good! I usually don’t eat them, a bit tart, although not extreme like red currants, or cornellian cherries.All are over ripe now, so fruits in time for full harvest. Not very big, but a fairly good tasting crab. If you want some wood let me know.

Speaking of apples I was looking at this poor 60 plus year old apple tree at my cottage in front of a small cottage. Fruits every year, but I have not tried the apples in years, Full of worms, not sprayed etc. Most of the tree has died. it had huge branches and structure, all died except for what you see.
It has a sucker on the right, looks like it’s starting over!


I was walking through the garden, picking tomatoes and raspberries. I noticed out of all my blueberries, Pink Popcorn has the best color, still early, they should keep turning for another month or more.

This one is first leaf, it’s going into that bed in a few weeks. Borage I planted 3 years ago is still self sowing all over.


Digging in my pots to put them through winter.


What are those? They look mainly like apples?

Is the corn in the background feed corn? I suppose it’s still not ready to harvest?


When I finished there is a bit of everything. Jujube, persimmons, peach, plums, pears, apples, rootstock of different types, and pin oak trees and then some. Covered with fence. Will add picture tomorrow.

Corn is feed corn, we have about 165 acres in corn this year.


We went to Solebury Orchard today. Amazing. They are doing the tall spinal pruning method and have what seemed to be thousands of trees. They were very friendly, the tractor ride was free, and overall it was a great experience. I went overboard and bought $75 worth of apples. We got Gold Rush, Keepsake, Pink Lady, Sundance, Enterprise, and an apple called Salida del Sol, which they claim is exclusively theirs. I haven’t tried it yet but will report this week.

Gold Rush lives up to the hype, left my kids wanting more. Hard to believe it gets better with age.

They said the Keepsakes they were selling in the market were from last year, kept in cold storage that long!

Also bought Harrow Sweet pears. Haven’t tried them yet. Will have one with breakfast tomorrow.

If anyone ends up in Bucks County, PA., go to Solebury, you won’t be disappointed. My wife kept saying, “oh, you are in heaven aren’t you.”


Since today will prob be the last warm day of the year (mid 70s, and windy), I thought I should finish mowing the south pasture with the bush hog. Also mowed down the corn/bean patch.

Pasture looks good now, will prob set up the camo blind out there tomorrow as this Sat is start of the two week rifle deer season.

I wonder how many we’ll see the season after blue tongue disease took its toll on them this year. We had a couple hard freezes last month so that should kill off the disease carrying insects, so the deer that are out there now should be OK.


I dug mine in about a week ago and hopefully secured them enough to keep out the bunnies.


That did not work so well. Pic to come later.


Finally dug out our sweet potatoes last weekend. Should have been done at least a month ago. Some nice purples for the first time this year. Good times for the kids and the adults too.




dont forget sweet potato greens are delicious.


Made a huge leaf-pile. This entertained my son for a long time. Have to mulch everything and add to the garden beds.


I was getting in one final mow of my orchard and was blowing leaves. Prior to doing so I gently tried stripping the remaining leaves off my smaller trees and they actually came off very easy. I blew them out of the way and mowed the orchard and its nice and clean now. I don’t use my fruit tree leaves as mulch but I do grind up my maple leaves and put a good layer around each tree trunk. Really helps make better soil come spring time.


I do the same. It attracts worms too.


Had a productive day. Pine mulched the mulberry and fig trees. Gathering bags of pine needles takes mere minutes on Fort Campbell as their is an abundance of large closely grown pine trees in numerous locations. Mulched everything else with wood chip mulch. Harvested about 20 nice size (about 6.5 feet) of bamboo from my bamboo source near my 20 acres. These will go well with my tree protector tubes when I plant new trees this coming growing season.
The 2 gal. Dunstan Chestnut trees are down from $30 to $6 at RK. I picked up two. Both in really good shape. I’ll plant those out tomorrow. Love this fall weather here in central TN. Crisp, cool and mild.