What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


i sprinkle a little sulfur and compost around mine in spring and mid summer. has done the trick with no testing but then again maine has ideal acidic soil for blueberries so not much is needed. my father used to see sulfur around his but used it very sparsely. may need more if your soil has higher ph. peat moss and composted pine needles work good also to bring down ph for blueberries.


thank you. will definitely keep it in mind. would you be here around in case i am going to have some questions to ask you? thanks!


Dug up 7 peach trees since i’m redoing part of my peach orchard. Planting some new varieties next year. Gave 4 of the larger trees (10 years old) to my brother and re-planted them. Think they will take?

![peach removed dirt 112217|690x920](upload://qLAScZC9nCOjApJ0S1dpfQZrY98.JPG)


What % of the original root system did you maintain. If we move I want to take our trees with us.


@subdood_ky_z6b, @zazlev, I have had a Tifblue in a container for 6 years and left it outside through some pretty bad winters, it seems very hardy.


Wow great roots saved!


They have sprouted new canes it looks like, but like I told Drew, they’re not that big. I need to get out there and do some weeding to see how they have done for sure.

Just an FYI, Indiana Berry is now taking orders…


Great to hear @hoosierbanana
Have heard some great things about Tifblue being a great Rabbiteye as well. In fact I have two on order to add to my blueberry patch. Should arrive soon.


Yep. Mine will get a bit of weeding and a lot of pine mulch tomorrow morning before the feast. :crazy_face:
Nice prices on blueberries at IB I see. Get you a couple Rabbiteyes to prove how easy growing blueberries can be. :joy: :+1::heavy_check_mark:


I have some of the Rabbiteyes mentioned,Tifblue,Climax,Powder Blue and maybe one or two others.The one that stands out though is Yadkin.Very sweet.Brady


Yadkin seems to get great reviews as well. Good to hear Brady. This year I am adding Ochlockonee. Next year maybe I add the Yadkin.


Another that I’ve been wanting to try is Brightwell.I ordered Columbus the same time as Yadkin.The flavor is okay,maybe it will get better. Brady


True. I have heard it takes 3-4 years to get fully developed flavors. My premier and climax blueberries seemed to improve flavors on 3rd leaf.


I hate that!!


Decided this year to consolidate my gardens. I have two areas I grow apple trees. One in my veggie garden and then a little orchard. It’s becoming to much to for me to have both so I’m downsizing my veggies and trying to transplant my favorite and most healthy apple trees into the garden. Also cutting back on veggies to make room.


after transplanting id cut back a lot of the branches to help the trees get established.


Thanks for the tip. I cut off some to get them through my garden door already. I moved Five hopefully some survive.


I dug up some Jerusalem Artichokes for dinner.Happy Thanksgiving,Brady

Peeled and ready to be boiled


Hi Brady, I’ve never eaten them. What do they taste like?


They have the flavor somewhat like an Artichoke heart.Also,there is something in them,inulin,a fiber that can cause gas.I haven’t had them for awhile,to remember that,but was reading about them.
The ones I had before were more yellow or tan skinned. Brady