What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


No license required. Don’t even have to register like a drone. You can fly really high if you like. I like flying low, I call it crop surfing. Low and slow is the way I go. Just as long as you have a place to land when low.

Flying high everything is small and the speed appears slow. Check out all my YouTube videos and you will get an idea of the sport.


Where do you get one Bob it looks really fun and very useful? A view of the Kansas sky today and you can see it would make flying hard. Gulls come in huge numbers every year. Soon pelicans, geese etc will be flying over. I’m very close to a lake. 41D65371-4272-43C3-8460-947A6F273448


Very COOL! A whole new type of KOOLAID! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful country. Loved the landing.



I got mine from a place near Cleveland. Also, received instruction from a trainer in that area. Fun YES Usefull? Good for midlife crisis and filling the bucket list.


I would think they would be great for observing flooded areas!


Clark, I have a blast seeing deer and areas you can’t see from the road. Sunsets are great!! Flew over a quarry that was awesome.

People follow you and meet you when you land. Lots of oooos and awwwsss. Can’t get out of a gas station without getting questions. I thought my little Smartcar drew crowds. :smile:


How long can you keep it in the air? It would be incredibly useful!


I stay up about 60-75 mintues at the most to make sure I don’t push my luck wth fuel. Probably 90 would be max. I hope I never find out for sure, if I do it glides forever. That is when being high is good.


Clark, your pictures reminded me of a photo shoot trip to Kansas this spring. Millions of migrating snow goose, very spectacular.


That’s exactly how Kansas looks a lot of the winter once the snows show up. Huge flicks of them and Canadians! Gorgeous pictures!


I went to have a look at my only two strawberry verte figs and was disappointed to see this. My luck its rained only 1 day in the last month until Sunday when my figs were just about ready to harvest


For those who grow trees in containers, this is very good slow release fertilizer that worth having. Check with your local Walmart, it’s on sale now in Chicago suburbs, may be on sale in your area too. 8 lb bag normally costs between $15~$20, sale for $2 now. Great deal! I grabbed enough for next year.


ลi bought a small container costing me $10. Thanks for letting us know. Wally World here may or may not have a sale.


Is this fire blight?

I pruned my Anna Apple tree a little while ago and just noticed what looks like a blackish coloration near the pruning cut. It almost looks like it is dripping down the stem. I’ll be very said if it is, I have many grafts coming off this section of tree.


Just had my first Sun Crisp apple, and WOW! What a great and unique taste.

Big thanks to Matt (I think) who raved about it a couple years ago.


Yes I agree.

Comparing Cox Orange Pippin children: Now having fruited both, I put SunCrisp > Kidd’s Orange Red. I will see on the Kidd’s over time, but mine are already going soft. I have stored SunCrisp from a local orchard into Feb with no loss of texture even despite wrinkling due to dehydration in the fridge.


The first post about Schisandra: anywhere the Chinese forms can be grown, the indigenous forms can as well. The berries we see at the top of this thread are not from indigenous Western Hemisphere plants.


I had the same strange but great results with Goldrush. After months in storage, the skin would get wrinkly and soft looking but the meat of the apple had the same great crunch it always had.

If anyone is in the DC area Kuhn’s Orchards has Sun Crisp apples available and they appear at a ridiculous number of farmer’s markets. There schedule can be found here: https://kuhnorchards.com/farmers-markets/


Here are some pics from our visit to Reed Valley last week.

Row of Goldrush

Close up of some GR

Some Api, or Lady apples. Very small varietal, thought to be the oldest cultivar in existence.
We picked a few, they were pretty tart still and green, so they prob need to age a bit.

Rows and rows of apples

Don’t know for sure what these old trees are, they are trained like peaches, but the leaves look smaller. Maybe plums?

Some ripening Fuji’s

Some new peach trees on the back side of the farm

All kinds of pumpkins lining the walk up to the store


I’m now thinking SunCrisp is even better than GoldRush, its a super storage apple and has more aromatics than GoldRush. I also get a bit less damage on the fruits. The only downside is its “yet another great Golden Delicious child”, I get a little tired as I have so many great ones there (Freyberg, Hawaii, Hooples, etc).