What's Happening in the Fall of 2017


Will keep an eye out for that!


my father loved this fert. for his potted plants!


I have a Suncrisp that I picked randomly in a clearance sale by Starks back in 2014. Now I am eager to get some apples on it, especially since the highly-touted Goldrush isn’t hardy here. I might try grafting Goldrush into my planned Frankentree, anyway, if I can find a scion.


No they are from the self fertile hybrid Eastern Prince. Fantastic plant, I enjoy those berries all winter for tea. I dry them as freezer room is limited.


I tried a couple of Suncrisp buds on my Frankenapple, but they didn’t take. Wrong time of year, I think


After trying suncrisp today I would agree it is a fantastic apple. I can’t believe it took me this long to try one.


Suncrisp us an apple that I’ve wanted to taste from the minute I started thinking about planting an orchard. I bench grafted mine in spring 2015 on b9. Nothing yet. Its the slowest growing of the 4 varieties I bench grafted that spring. Looking forward to the day it actually produces.


I actually benchgrafted 2 of them last year and gave them away, what a mistake. I will be adding my own. Ime suprised more people don’t talk about it, what a great tasting apple. Also tried a braeburn, don’t know about that spelling, didn’t care for it.


I think at one point last year, several people spoke highly about it. That’s the reason why I looked for scionwood and was able to get it this past spring. Mine is on B8. It will be a couple more years of waiting for me.


We have been having exceptionally good apples this year. Don’t know if it’s the Temps or the fact that locally we have had a bone dry late summer and fall. It only just rained yesterday. Whatever the case great apple year for us


One other thing about Suncrisp. It attracts more aphids than any other tree in my orchard. Followed by Williams Pride.


Does anyone have a report on when Enterprise is ripe/mature? I have my first two on my tree this year in the same cluster. So if I pick one, I will probably end up with both coming off. (@ltilton? @chikn?)


I have Enterprise and it is ripe now. Thick skin, but very good tasting apple. Not my favorite.


I had one Enterprise apple on my tree and the squirrels got to last week. I was trying to hold out on picking it, but no luck.


About this time, it’s a late apple

I don’t have any now, I’ve turned the tree over to a Frankenapple


Was it that bad? I put on a graft not long ago but maybe I should remove it - ?


The tough skin is really offputting and the flavor mediocre, but it does well for baked apples. I got it because of disease resistance, which it does have, and it’s a good keeper. But at the end of the season, I’d go to the fridge and there they were, still, uneaten.


Thanks - its outta here!


Couldn’t agree more!


I think i just got inspired, you have such a good ideas actually.
P.s; Guys the photos are amazing!
Your forum is amazing actually! I have some health problems and i have to spend lots of time searching for drug reviews, but when i’m here i forget about everything! I continue to do my fav thing growing fruits and vegetables and i forget about disease! :heartbeat::heartbeat::heartbeat: