What's happening today - 2018 edition

Black raspberry is close to red raspberry, but sweeter, and more intense. IMO, they’re the best tasting fruit there is.

They’re a lot smaller than red raspberries and have way more seeds though.


Jubileum cherries, grafted onto a Surefire tart cherry tree. I netted the tree and let them get fairly ripe, 18 brix.


So ends my Goumi Berry season


Great looking cherries. They remind me of romance series cherries.

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Nice to see some goumi pictures! What variety are those?

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That is the Raintree Select seedling. Its about 2x the size of the Sweet Scarlet

Pictures here

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I found a hidden apple tree. Its overgrown by a rosa multiflora. I never saw it before. Will cut it free and see if its grafted or or if i have a mystery seeding.
Prev owner never mentioned an apple.


Are they firm or soft? They look great

Pretty firm

The ones still on the tree are sweeter. Not a sign of rot despite all the deep splits. Need to pick them pretty soon before the next rain, but it’s so hot!

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makes great fruit leather sprinkled with a little sugar before it sets. :wink:

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Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads out there!


This morning’s haul: Moniqui white apricots on the left, Harcot apricots on the right and a couple breba figs in the middle.




So jealous! Those look terrific!


My 2nd leaf Pomegranate is covered in flowers. I didn’t expect this for such a young plant. Many of my figs have yet to even show fruit, so it looks like plenty of season left to ripen these. Flowers seem small but it is a baby plant!


Hey all,

So what does “Resistance” mean? Does it mean the tree is less likely to catch the problem it has resistance to in the first place, or does it mean the tree is able to fight off the problem once it happens?

For example, my Williams’ Pride apple looks like it has little fire blight singes on all the leaves that it grew about two weeks ago, but all the new leaves look unaffected. I don’t want to cut off all the fire blight strikes because that would mean cutting the young tree limbs back to little stumps.

Same goes it CAR. The older leaves of my Golden Delicious and Gold Rush apples are covered with those spots and look a little yellow, but the trees continue to grow vigorously and there doesn’t seem to be any problem on any new leaves. Does this mean in future years there is a possibility the trees will work past CAR and still produce?

Picked the rest of my Reliance peaches and they were surprisingly clean seeing I sprayed them only twice this year (after bloom).

Also picked about 8 gallons of AU Rosa plums (which I recommend for people who have tuff time growing plums). Great replacement for Santa Rosa which I have hard time growing in my heat.


This is how my day has been so far. Practically overnight this happened. I just napalmed thousands of

them with 3 gallons of Sevin. Pretty entertaining watching them fall right off the leaves to their death. Discouraging part is tomorrow there will be even more.

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I know they’ll show up here pretty soon because the cherries are picked now

You may want to seriously consider Milky Spore. I may need one soon. My first one was about 10 years ago.

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