What's happening today - 2018 edition


Picked about half my White Gold cherries

Still edible despite the bad cracking



Do you eat your Goumi fresh or making them into pie?



I eat them fresh. I am trying to lose few pounds and I am in some kind of diet not eat much cake, or pie nowadays. But am still drooling over delicious dessert


Taste wise?



Tolerable. A little tart,not very sweet,but not blend neither. Has soft seeds that bother me the most.


I hang a super long fly catching stick under my nectarine tree trying to catch fruit flies.Guess what else I caught? Did it get away or become a snack for my cat already? The darn cat didn’t report the catch to his master.


Yesterday wind , today rain, no spraying! Will continue to plant!


No more planting here for a couple of months - too hot

I put in some plantings where large spruce trees were just taken out, and I’m out watering them every day. It’s sunnier than it used to be!


My Pears tree is blooming. No idea why this is happening this late into the season, but very interesting to see.


Here are the last two Byrongold plums

Most got blasted by our last frost. They are very sweet and tart, probably my favourite plum.


Wow, these are good looking plums, I am drooling


Ah,okay.Just about the same answer,except for size.
I bought the first set at a local party supply store.They were kind of small and expensive and the ones seen in the pic were on Ebay,probably.These are somewhat golden.Others I use are more greenish to simulate leaves.They’re a breeze to put on,compared to the nylon footies,that were used before.
Stinkbugs and Earwigs are the main reason these bags cover the fruit and they do stop a lot of them.Brady


My first gift box of the year. This is why I love growing peaches…the look on peoples face when I give them a box of this wonderful fruit. Unfortunately my boxes are much smaller this year, but I’m lucky to have any at all. These are my early peaches: Florida King and an unknown.

But what we really need to talk about is how well my use of Captan and myclobutanil is beating off Brown Rot. I know it is early still and my later peaches will be a better test, but I want to be clear here. Last year the same trees these came off of had every single peach ruined by Brown Rot just as they started to ripen. All of them. Hundreds in total. This year not one single peach has brown rot. The most amazing example of how good it works is that I have had a few odd peaches here and there that have been damaged by a bird or split pit and start to rot. But even a decaying peach never has that tale-tale brown fuzz of brown rot. If you have any experience with brown rot you know how amazing that is-because even a tree with very light brown rot presence will have it show up on damaged or decaying fruit. Even if the helthy peaches don’t have it, damaged and decaying ones certainly will if it is around. But even my damaged/decaying fruit just sort of gets a leathery look-very different from the soggy, wet sores and furry grey/brown Brown Rot Fungus. No question about it, even if it hits me hard the rest of the year, my myclubut and captan combo is a very worthwhile thing and is soooo much cheaper than the more commonly recommended things. My only question is where it is some sort of synergy that myclo and captan have together, or if one of the two would have done it alone? I will say that many university sites I went to this spring suggested using both together. I started them at bud swell and kept on every 10 days from then on. Results speak for themselves! especially compared to last year.


Black raspberry is close to red raspberry, but sweeter, and more intense. IMO, they’re the best tasting fruit there is.

They’re a lot smaller than red raspberries and have way more seeds though.


Jubileum cherries, grafted onto a Surefire tart cherry tree. I netted the tree and let them get fairly ripe, 18 brix.

Carmine Jewell Cherry Yields increasing with age

So ends my Goumi Berry season


Great looking cherries. They remind me of romance series cherries.


Nice to see some goumi pictures! What variety are those?


That is the Raintree Select seedling. Its about 2x the size of the Sweet Scarlet

Pictures here


I found a hidden apple tree. Its overgrown by a rosa multiflora. I never saw it before. Will cut it free and see if its grafted or or if i have a mystery seeding.
Prev owner never mentioned an apple.