What's happening today - 2018 edition


Yeah, he won’t. I have seen him chase him off his supper bowl, but I don’t blame him there. He tolerates him for the most part.

The cat does aggravate the dog sometimes by running up behind him and pouncing him like he’s a tiger and the dog’s a wildebeest or something. He just bounces off him, it’s funny to watch, but I figure the dog is highly annoyed by it.

We usually feed the cat some kibble every day, but when it starts warming up, we’re going to skip a few days once in a while so he’ll do more hunting. After I fed them this evening, I last saw the cat trotting down towards the barn. So he’s getting some varmits; I found a pile of feathers in the barn the other day, nothing else. So I imagine he ate the whole thing and left those.

He seems to be handling the cold okay, even though he spends the nights under the house by the ductwork. He probably weighs about 5lb now. You pick him up and sometimes he looks like he swallowed a tennis ball.


Thanks for the pics. That’s a heavy duty trellis you got for those PAF’s. That other variety seems to be doing well.

We might try some cole veggies in the house next month. I usually can’t get broccoli or cabbage to do well when I direct down it, maybe the soil’s been to cold, or poor, or both.


That’s a rigged trellis!:joy::joy::joy:. We put up a t post at each end and wrap parachute cord where needed. Just add another layer as they grow and need support. It’s a tangled mess right now esp on the PAF’s because they tend to get out of hand.


I need a pair of these boots, so cool. Today me and the grand kids spent a little time with the new chicks they hatched. They were so proud of them.


He doesn’t look so small!


Looks like fun! I want to try that someday. My neighbors built a big coop this winter and just put chickens in it.


It was warm and awesome the whole weekend in Missouri. Went fishing Saturday and Sunday, caught a few really nice slabs.


Don’t judge me for the crappy beer, I found it in my mini fridge in the garage, it’s been there since 2013 lol.


Out doing some grafting today and noticed some trees are in full bloom already.
Peach - Flordaking
peaches in bloom Feb 18th 2018
Apple - Dorsett Golden
dorsett golden in bloom Feb 18th 2018
Plums - Methley, Satsuma and Mariposa
plums in bloom Feb 18th 2018


Nice. What breed?


Don’t you mean “crappie” beer? :grin:


Thank you, I’ll be here all night. Try the veal


Lol, good one


I know, I couldn’t resist.

Those are big 'uns. Where did you catch them?

I recall my grandfather catching them in the Arkansas River back home in OK way back in the day. He was a fishing fool! I went with him sometimes, but I got real impatient when they didn’t bite right away. I usually resorted to throwing rocks in the water. I didn’t get asked to go much after those trips.

I did like to go rainbow trout fishing in the Illinois River, below Tenkiller Lake dam, though. Those were good eatin’. I actually had trout for dinner at Cracker Barrell when we went out for V-Day dinner last week.


Wow, blooming so soon?? That’s really pretty, but probably not something you want to see in the middle of February, correct? Have they bloomed this early before?


Most of these chicks are cream legbar and I think there are a couple buff orpingtons in the mix. The cream legbar lay beautiful blue eggs.


I caught them out of Truman lake.


Yes, this is normal for those varieties. I have several other varieties that are two and three weeks from full bloom. So far March is forecasted to be warm - we will see. Last year this same trees got zapped by March freeze. Two years previous to that (2015/16) - had more fruit than I could give away by Mid-May.


The lows could stay in the 20’s this week,so I decided to harvest Mason bee cocoons and put them in a refrigerator.
There were a few Yellow jackets hibernating and it looks like some Leaf cutters built their nests in a number of holes. Brady


Went to town again today, and stopped by several stores to see what they’re getting in.

Went to Tractor Supply, and they still have some bare root apple, plum pear and peach trees for $13. But, they also got a big shipment of bare root berry plants in. Lots of rasps (Fall Gold, Joan J, Heritage, Canby), gooseberry (Hinnomaki Red, Or Champion), Jostaberry, Boysenberry, Aronia, etc.

Lowe’s didn’t have any bare root berry plants, but a few potted fruit trees, maybe 3 versions of apples, and one each of peach and pear.

So, not a lot, but starting some nevertheless.

Didn’t buy anything though. I have some self-control…:grinning:


i actually prefer crappie over trout! :wink: