What's happening today - 2018 edition


I pulled out some stratified oak acorns out of refrigerator and they are starting to pop. I think these got put in sometime in October…so 4 ish months… shoved them back in…don’t feel like potting them up yet. I believe these are all red oak.


I’ve been doing some winter container gardening recently and things are going good so far, put some slow release fertilizer pellets in when I potted everything and it’s made everything so much easier since I just have to water:

Cabbage and Kale

Repotted some Eggplant and Swiss Chard starts in a large 7 gal pot

Roma tomato starts setting fruit after just growing for the first couple weeks

My sole Bell Pepper is also setting fruit that is growing much faster than the first pepper it put out and I regret not getting more starts at the time

Finally some callusing on some pomegranate cuttings I had wrapped and potted in perlite, I’ve been trying for my own one by propagation for a long time so excited about these


Brought a couple of my young rooted figs to the office today to get a jump start on the season. They spent the winter in my unheated garage with my larger potted figs. They will get 10 hours of florescent light per day and another hour of window light and a constant 72 degrees until the weather allows me to take then home and leave them outside.


Went down to the orchard today and the buds are swelling. No rabbit damage this winter! No sign of rabbits at all for a change. Snowdrops are beginning to bloom. Will start pruning this weekend, if the weather holds.


Desert delight nectarine in full bloom.


I was able to prune my plum tree two nights ago. I am proud at how well I was able to shape it seeing as how it was my first tree. The buds are just starting to swell and they are numerous.


A sample of what we are taking from our garden to the in-laws this morning. Lemons, Pixie tangerine, nagami kumquat, and passion fruit.


Yay!!! Looks great!


Finished my dormant pruning. Ready for the spring


I’m just about ready for spring. Asparagus beds manured and mulched, muscadines and others pruned, garden plot started and broccoli, collards, and cabbages planted!

Ready for a hot shower


So neat and organized. Love your polka dot boots :smile:


Nice work. Need to make sure to not let my wife see yer boots, she’ll want some!

I hope my new raspberry plot will look as good as those plots.

Curious to see what your blackberry vines look like in the off season.

Did you grow yer cole crops indoors, or buy them?


Some pix from around the farm. We actually had a kinda sunny day, although it wasn’t too warm. But it’s supposed to be 70 tomorrow and close to 78 Tuesday!

Contender peach, with some buds swelling up.

Cortland apple

Pineapple pear, very large after just two years.

Coralstar peach buds

Looking up the creek bed from lower driveway with some runoff. It’s been very rainy here lately.

Our kitty Josh, he’s almost a year old now. He’s got so big, must be all those rodents and birds he’s feasted on.

Our old dog, Bomber, pacing around, eyeballing the cat. I think he’s jealous.

Sizing up his prey…


I pruned an old, very out of shape, plum tree this weekend. It took most of my day. That’s how bad it was. We have ignored it - for various plant-cruelty reasons - and it really needed some TLC. I was out there for so long, that my neck is killing me, from continually looking up!
That HackZall I told everyone about sure came in handy today! (Did you post a shot of your plum?) It’s too late to take a shot of mine, now, but I will tomorrow.


Pruned some on my old peach tree and packed away some scion wood for spring grafting


Great Garden Gals think alike.

@subdood_ky_z6b - Sloggers. Most garden stores have them - and here’s a link for Wallmart’s ! These are so comfortable! Even moreso with an insole. Great birthday gift. Hint. Hint. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Sloggers-Women-s-Sloggers-Waterproof-Rai/25490437


The veggies are purchased. I have had zero luck with seed starting cabbage/broccoli/cauliflower etc.

These are my PAF’s. They had a big cutback in the fall due to wet summer fungus so they certainly aren’t as big and beautiful as they were. They never go dormant here

Here are the suckers I planted last year and some younger ones planted at the end of the season

And here is my other Unknown variety.


Dog hadn’t better try it, I think

That’s such a fine tuxedo he’s become! Most of the ones I know have been females


mine are very old and dirty! i like the chickens


They had some really cute ones. Cows. Another kind of ‘chicken’ one. And others . . . I like the low shoe style, too. But, I couldn’t get it to fit me. I wear a 9.5 shoe, but bought the 10 boot - and stuck a gel insole inside. Great fit for a rubber boot.