What's happening today - 2018 edition


Were you???




What a great gift… Merry Christmas everybody!!!

Soke Hidehisa


Wow. That looks beautifully wicked!!


That looks sharp! I would’ve loved to receive o e of those. But no garden related gifts for me this year.


I was so excited! I’m so tired of the ole fall apart in 3 months store ones. My wife has a great eye!!! :+1:


Yes!!! Finish your coffee!


Now here is Christmas for you. I was so proud of these two I had to tell the story. The one on the right is Gabby, the one on the left is Dakodah. Sisters by marriage. Gabby had 10 dollars. Dakodah had zero. Gabby on her own gave Dakodah 5 dollars because she had no money and felt bad for her. They both went Christmas shopping at separate times. …today they opened gifts. Guess what? Dakodah spent her 5 dollars entirely on Gabby. Guess what? Gabby spent her entire dollars on Dakodah. This my friends is what we can ALL learn from… Merry Christmas…from the mouths of babes… So cool. I just had to tell someone…


thats awesome! Merry Christmas to you and your family!


Great story, thanks for sharing!


That story warms the heart, as my wife and I also have a blended family. She had one child and I had three, and we had one together. Little moments like that make the extra effort all worth while.



How inspiring. Who wouldn’t much rather hear these stories than the news these days.


Haircut for the “shrubs” out front! Today we went from trying to manage this

To this

Looks a little naked after the chain saw treatment but hopefully still alive and more manageable.


Hey! You can see out your windows!




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How are you able to post a one word reply? It always tells me I can’t post it…




Well? It doesn’t do it all the time but I get this message that my post isn’t a complete sentence.


I added exclamation points!