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Me too!!!


The next time it happens I’m going to screen shot it and post it…


wow the reg. fuyu and giant fuyu is quite different in size! How does the taste compare? is bigger size even more flavorful taste? thank you.




Is that elaeagnus X ebbingei AKA silverleaf?


No, it’s Loropetalum chinense. And it was actually blooming when we cut them off. They are beautiful but we let them get away from us and could never get them back under control with our hedge clippers. So… hopefully we can keep them down to size.


I asked because yesterday I removed a bunch of Silverleaf with my chainsaw. I grew them from cuttings about 5 years ago as a shrub in between my trees. They took off this past year and doubled in size, which ended up being larger than many of my fruit trees.

As a prize, I was whacked in the face once–I know, I should have been wearing a face shield. My fiancee dug this out of one of my fingers, and yes I was wearing thick gloves.


That’s a good one to go through a glove! These a very prolific. We’ve had them for years and we’re told when we got them that they could grow to twenty feet but you see them everywhere here in small hedges. They really exploded the last couple of years and we finally had to just bite the bullet and take them down to size. I do hope they come back as pretty…just with smaller branches that can be trimmed. This was last summer

No thorns though…


Loropetalum are fast growers at my place. Once established they can grow back to the original size in one season or less. I have been considering getting a scaffold similar to yours in the picture and was wondering if you are pleased with the one you have. I don’t need a big one just something that is not so heavy and can be moved around.


We do like the scaffold. It’s the first that we have had so don’t have any comparison but thought we could use it for many of our jobs and it has come to be very handy for inside and outside jobs. It came from Tractor supply. Much better than trying to use a ladder!


More specifically, I’d say it is Loropetalum Chinensis cv. ‘Zhu Zhou Fuschia’
Wonderful purple hedge with hot pink blooms and hardy down to at least 5 degrees Farenheit.
Zone 6 is too iffy except for fun experiments. Ditto with camellias.


I cut mine down to the dirt this fall, with the intention to never see it again. It’s about 1.5 ’ high now. :thinking:


This is my first year harvesting the giants so my sample size is rather small. Based on what I have sampled this year, the texture and flavor of the giant fuyu seems about halfway between a typical hachia and typical fuyu. In other words it is larger with a softer jelly type flesh and it is sweeter than the average fuyu. A great cultivar but the down side is that it has a propensity to drop all of the immature fruit until the tree is large.


Thank You


Happy New Year!


I smoked a shoulder all night for a total of 13 hours. I didn’t have any wood chips so I used pecan shells–very yummy. There is an additional flavor I’ve never tasted before. It’s not bad, just a little different.


Second frost this year…


Well, we got to 18 I think …sun is out, but temps not climbing much. That’s the first night below 20 for the winter. Freezing rain and/or snow for tonight through Saturday night is the forecast.
Still, next week looks to hit 50 one or more days. Not bad for January!


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