What's happening today - 2018 edition


I bought a methley from Southern States a few years back. Spent around $30 but it was super nice and is one of the nicest trees I have now.


Thank you @Olpea for the showy bloom explanation, didn’t know that!


To me, Tulip Tree is Liriodendron. Magnolias are magnolias.


I plant in March, but NOT tomatoes!


Do be aware that big box peach trees are the right variety about 50% of the time based on threads over the years. So its a “50-50 Loring” :grinning:


They mixed up my peach trees. I got a nectarine for a peach. Good thing was I bought two and one was right, so not to bad.


Stooopid mason bees are hatching in the fridge again

It’s below freezing outside and not a bud in sight - definitely looks to be a slow spring

Last year, an early spring, they hatched on 3/27, and that was early

Next winter they go into the freezer


So I set the idiot bees outside in the frigid barren wilderness and see that indeed most of the cocoons appear to have hatched - blue and hornfaced both. Crawling about, didn’t see any flying

I can’t see how they will possibly survive


A friend came over today and I offered him a seedling tomato plant. He goes “Wait, so this thing will make tomatoes this year?” I’m not making fun of that response, but I was a bit surprised by how little some people know about the whole process of growing food.


You should have told him they come from the tomato factory. :grinning:


Started planting out herbs for the year. I noticed my Methley plum is putting out leaves. My Santa Rosa is doing something odd. It’s putting out leaves along the trunk, but none on the actual limbs yet. Y’all think it needs a bit more time or should I replace it? It went into the ground last fall.


It does look like it might be dead on the top. The tree will grow back from the lower sprouts if nothing higher up come out. Just let it grow out this spring and pick one of the sprouts next year as the trunk. A new tree won’t really do any better, the roots on this tree have had all the winter to adapt so the tree should take off well. If you can get your money back on it you could also replace it, no big deal either way.


That’s too bad. It had a great shape. No return on this one. It’s in one of the better spots, so I’ll have to dig it up and move it elsewhere. I’d honestly prefer a Weeping Santa Rosa or something with great fruit that has a bit more ornamental value.


I am in San Antonio and this Giant fig trees is growing over the river walk. I took a couple of pictures. I thought you guys might. Like to see


Scratch the bark of the limbs to see if the cambien is still green. Prune off the limbs that are dead back to the truck. If most are dead then it’d replace it.


Scratch the back with your finger nail. If you see green it is still alive.


Well it was Christmas in March today, as UPS Santa delivered me a package from the left coast today, my pluots from Bay Laurel are here!

The trees are pretty thick caliper, all 5/8 or a bit bigger. The roots looked to be pruned pretty severely, but that’s to be expected from BL. They are all about 4ft tall, and look sturdy. I didn’t see much green on them yet, so they appear to be mostly dormant still.

Here are some pics:

Left to right, Dapple Dandy, Flavor King, Geo Pride.

Root pic, not a lot there, but should be enough

It’s really windy and chilly today, so I’ll prob be planting them on Thu or Fri, when it’ll be a bit warmer. I added some peat to the moss, wetted it down, and wrapped them back up. They’ll sit in the cool, dark cellar for a few days.


Nice looking trees! Can’t wait to receive mine. Another 3 weeks at least.


@Outdoor334 & @Quill Thanks for the suggestion.

Well it looks like all limbs with the exception of the bottom two were dead. I’ve moved it out of sight for now and chopped it down a bit. Hopefully it continues to grow. No point in tossing the thing out, but it’s too ugly to be in front of a window for now.


Are the tops going to be cut off Dave Wilson style or be left to grow the way they are?Brady