What's happening today - 2018 edition


I just talked about how our trees are behaving differently this year in spite of us being fairly close geographically. But I just saw your question about SR and wanted you to know that I’ve had pretty good luck with it here. Mine seem a little smaller than most SR fruit I’ve seen online, but I’m very happy with its anyway. $40 seems high but it is a good plum here on the KY/TN border


I don’t know what “Dave Wilson style” is. Is that something to do with urban settings and limited spaces?

I might lop off some of the top as I usually do with my other new trees, especially with these and their lack of roots.


Not so bad on the roots from BL


Bay Laurel had them for $25 for a standard size SR, and I considered getting one with the 3 pluots I ordered, but decided against it. I was hesitant getting the pluots, but figured they’d be the only trees this year. If I see a super cheap one somewhere, I might consider it then.

We have 14 berry plants coming in 3 weeks, so gotta get a place ready for those.


This is one addiction (fruit growing) that I enjoy seeing people get…and its obvious you’ve got it! ha I don’t know if it is true where you live, but down here all the Kroger stores have great fruit trees- including Santa Rosa Plums, for $12.99. However you feel about big box store trees, these are different (IMHO) because they are all directly from Freedon Tree Farms which is a very reputable nursery that a lot of people here have praised-including me. SO you might check next time you’re in a larger town that has Kroger stores.


Thanks, I’ll keep a lookout when we go to Kroger. Maybe later in the season that $40 SR will go on sale. But, no big deal, like I said, I think my tree buying days are over. If my three apples that I grafted last week take, I don’t even know where they can go. I do have a spot for the pluots though.


@ltilton, thanks, that’s reassuring. One thing that bothered me about the shipment was that it appeared that the trees were upside down in the box in relation to the labels. But, the roots looked damp enough, and there wasn’t any damage to the trees.

@Susu, what are you getting and from who?


5 trees came today from ACN. Nice roots good looking trees. 2742A2D8-A1A8-4A5C-89F4-11E1AA139EC2

Honey Blaze nectarine
Fantasia nectarine
Olympic Asian pear
Flavor King Pluot
Early Golden Plum


Mamuang introduced me to Schlabach’s Nursery. I ordered from them this year for the second time. I have a persimmon, Asian pear (Korean Giant) and raspberries coming my way. I asked them to ship first week of April.


Looks good, and free shipping, right? Always exciting to open a new box of trees, and dream of future years of tasty home grown fruit. Hope they do well for you in west Texas.


Thanks. If I ever taste a pluot from that tree I will be a very lucky man but I have 30 cherry trees already so I am a dreamer


Yeah, I feel the same way with the pluots we just got. Getting peaches here may be a once every 3 or 4 year deal, and pluots may be even less. But, won’t know unless you try.


It does have somewhat to do with smaller spaces,but also,maybe more towards controlling the height of the trees at an early age.This enables a person to select the scaffold branches lower,for easier access to fruit without using ladders later on.
I did notice some of the trees crotch angles were tight and one didn’t look to have any branches.
Yes,cutting them will help balance the tops,with the roots.
Here is a video by DWN. Brady


Thanks. The Geo Pride is the the tree with no branches, and the DD has the more upright branches.

I may lop them off to 30in or so, that’s what I’ve done with my peach trees. I know these aren’t peaches, but are they usually grown open center?


Usually,yes.I’ve seen fruitnut’s setup though,in his greenhouse,because of an economy of space,the trees are close together and what looks like a modified central leader,to keep them more slender.
I do practice a vase shape. Brady


Sorry, but I’m glad to know that I need to stick them in the freezer. I just got a Mason bee house from Costco. We have nothing going on bloom wise here too, but it’s going to hit 70 today!


I don’t think you’re supposed to stick them in the freezer, I think you’re not

But obviously the fridge isn’t working


It says move to an outdoor shed or covered location. It seems the shed would get way too hot, so I guess I’ll just stick to the covered location and if they die, then oh well. More will come.


Finished pruning blueberries got some type of disease going on didn’t see it last year will have to look it up in pnwhandbook. Fertilized boysenberries what a disaster from last year when I put them up on trellis will let them lay on ground until march of next year then trim and put on trellis. Bet lost over fifty percent of the canes some even seventy percent. Oh and voles digging in and under plants chewed some big roots I saw, putting bait stations out this weekend. Leaving up all year this time


Blenheim and almonds are blooming