What's happening today - 2018 edition


So I guess they were bench grafts, and if so, apples? What varieties?

Thanks, I might plant them out after the snow we’re supposed to get this weekend melts off. I gotta figure out where they’re going to go first!


Yes, the leaves will burn if you put it in direct sun all day


Howya Bob, I grafted in February outdoors onto potted rootstocks left from spring 2017.
Scions from Kate in SC and Alatau a red fleshed apple. Waiting on rootstocks to do 50 or more
additional grafts this spring. Bought a few scions, gathered a few, and had some sent me by some fine folks
on the forum here.


Sounds good. I was thinking of planting these two little trees tomorrow, but now they’re saying we might get 5" of snow on Sat! So, I’ll have to wait until next week.

I still haven’t put any fencing around my 3 pluots I planted Monday. Today I was out looking at them today, and saw a cloven hoofprint in the mud next to one of them. But, no damage, thankfully. I think I’ll put the fencing up tomorrow before the big snowfall.


I’d be surprised to see any accumulation Saturday or Sunday…but you are farther northeast.
The 5 inches of wet snow 11 days ago didn’t damage any of my new benchgrafts.
Well, I have a nice Basketball game to watch on CBS in a couple moments!
(I like to plant before a rain or snow…so don’t let threat of a snow stop you if it’s nice tomorrow.)


Everyone sounds so busy, I am getting itchy fingers to graft. So, in lieu of anything to do outside in the 2 feet of snow, I put a rocking chair in my greenhouse, grabbed a brew, and watched my grapes push out buds.


Today was very nice, no snow here, about 41F and sunny. Warmest day in a bit. I inspected all my plants, thought about where to put grafts on my trees. Removed the straw from my strawberries, and put it around my trees, covered with compost.
Buds are just starting to swell here, everything looks good, I’m doing the fig shuffle, hoping for above freezing temps at night soon. I up potted some figs and inspecting what needs a bigger pot, my rosemary bush got in line for a root prune and upgrade in housing. Always stuff to do!


As a wedding photographer it’s long been embarrassing to me how bad my cell phone pictures have been, but I am also really, really cheap. That said, the wife and I both got S9s last night… Prepare for the onslaught of fake depth of field!


Some pictures I just took from the back deck of our newly constructed home. I can’t wait until everything is green & I can sit outside with a cup of coffee overlooking my kingdom! :slightly_smiling_face:


I see your subjects presenting themselves before you in formation, seeking the blessing of their king.


nice spread you have there.


Thanks! Since you live in Maine you can appreciate this…we are about 30 minutes from Belfast/ocean yet we can still see Sugarloaf/Western Mountains.

How’s the snowpack up there?


Where did you get it?


Got it at Pottstown Roller Mills in Pottstown PA. Was a three hour round-trip for me, took all back roads through some very scenic farmland. Not many Hasegawa dealers around these parts.



FINE looking orchard!


where it hasn’t drifted theres about 4 ft. of compacted snow. we’ve gotten 169in. at the caribou nws office so far . you guys don’t have much left of those big noreasters. was looking at land in Bucksport. nice area and not far from Bangor.


Do you have a spare bedroom? Will work for food.


Kooooooool Ladder! I’m a ladder-holic. I bought a German-made ladder - super tall - to reach my gallery lighting in my art studio. I use it all the time for all kinds of things. It’s a Hailo, I think.


hey, pod . . . you mean ‘work for fruit’, right?


A Miracle Has Happened in Virginia This Week.
The pomegranate sprouts that I pruned in winter, and potted (with what can only be described as a ‘religious reverence’) - are pushing out tiny leaves!!! Nothing short of a miracle, being that this is my first lesson and attempt, to propagate ANYthing other than a houseplant!

Thank you, @alan and @Drew51, and others who have held my hand and sent me tips!
It was an experiment - so I tried different tricks to find out what worked - and to hedge my bets. Some just got misted. Some were wrapped. Some got a ZipLoc ‘hoodie’ over their pot. Some went into an almost shut clear Sterlite bin. And some went on a heat pad.
And combos of the above.

The ones in the Sterlite tote responded first. But, they were on the heat pad for a time, until I got around to learning about the tote method on YouTube - and then they went in there.
Here’s a photo of the ‘miracle’ plants!

My - ‘Unwrapped, First on the Heat Pad, Then in the Tote’ - were the first to show leaves. I hope that means that there are roots below . . .

I am so excited! :joy: