What's happening today - 2018 edition


Recieved my rootstock order yesterday . 25 persimmon 25 Harbin pear . Snow last night and today . So it may be a few days before I can plant .


Congrats, Pom.

I’ve found rooting pomegranates one of the easiest cuttings I have tried.

I did mine on 2/19 and they sprouted in 2 weeks. I used rooting hormone, potting soil, uncovered and a heat pad.


It doesn’t but it’s a good sign.




Mam - are you an artist, too? I see that framed piece in the background of your photo!

Your pom starts are great! I hope mine will do that well! Two weeks?!!!
Have they been in the light the entire time? In a cool room? Just wondering.
Wow. Mine have taken about 8, I think. Everyone said to expect to have to wait - that poms took awhile. I used rooting hormone, and a very light potting mix. Mostly peat, by the looks of it. For starting seeds and cuttings. Some people add a lot more vermiculite . . . but I didn’t.
What varieties are yours? Mine are Grenada.


MisterGuy, my daughter-in-law has very young babies . . . and she doesn’t own a camera - just relies on her cell phone to shoot pics of the kids. She recently upgraded to the newest iPhone. The photos are A-mazing. But, $1000 for a phone?
I don’t think she actually paid that . . . but it’s getting crazy.


I used Miracle Grow seed starting, too. I did use parafilm to wrap the tip of each scion. A heat pad at 80 F is the main heat source. They get filtered light from the window behind other “ more important” plants like chili peppers. So not much sun light at all. That’s our living room that is not used so it is about 65F. I used clear cups so I can see root development.

They are Parfianka and Red Silk. If you want some, I have extra. Two years ago, I rooted Kaj Acik Anor and Salavasky. They are in oots now.

No, not an artist, not even close. That’s a paintinghubby wants to hang up but I don’t care for :smile:


They probably will root. Some plants can grow leaves without roots and never root. I don’t know that much about poms. For me all the leafed out rooted so far. I would agree these seem easy to root.


Just make sure it won’t dry out. It will root. That take longer time than budding out. Mine start to show roots.


I just received a bunch of tall, clear plastic cup to start cuttings (etc.) in and am wondering if I need to make holes in them for air or drainage. Is this necessary? They are for short-term use only…starting things.


My husband drilled 2-3 holes in the bottom of those cups and 5-6 more on the side at different height. I’ve used Qdoba drinking cups because we eat there often and the height of the cup is good, 5.5” tall.


W. Orygun report: For all our warmth in February, Spring has yet been delayed a bit with snow yesterday and still cold today. Next week should get increasingly warmer but not quite up to 60°F. I was going to start grafting apples/pear/plums but even though there is the beginning of some flowering, there isn’t much leafing…almost none. I’m fairly new at this (last year was my first year) and I thought there were little leaves on the trees last year during grafting.


Dug a couple holes today and planted Bing and Stella Cherries. High of 44 today with the weather starting to improve. Purple Martin houses getting cleaned up and ready for the first of April arrival.


Sprayed copper today. I was planning to do it on Tuesday but now the forecast is showing some rain. So I decided to do it today. We were not supposed to get any rain or snow this afternoon or evening. Just a brush of snow this morning. But as soon as I sprayed and came inside, it started to drizzle. I think I’m still ok. It didn’t turn into anything more…yet.


Sometimes you just need to take chances like that. If it gets washed off hit them with copper again.


I hope you will have time for that coffee! Kingdoms, you know, could be very demanding :grin::grin::grin:!


Nice to get my first grafts in today… Seckel from one of my trees to a couple others and Sam, Black Republican, and Utah Giants.

Also got my Tehama finally!


Life is happening in NC


Those onions are bulbing already!


They are sets, so they may not do anything much but flower. They are barely a month in the ground.