What's happening today - 2018 edition


My Issai Mulberry is generally out of sight and out of mind but I noticed it today and it’s loaded with fruit for such a small bush. They are very small for mulberries. Hopefully Thame taste has improved now that the Bush is more mature.


Oh me too. My brother couldn’t care less but to each his own. I am hoping he will go back and get us a better pic


I just clipped all of the small apples off of 1 and 2 year old trees. I hated to do it as I wanted to see if I could have a Zestar! this year. That’s what you folks told me to do!!!


Horrendously hot for the season, just what the curculio loves. Altho I’d done a cover spray earlier in the week, I went out to hit the stone fruit again today.


Holy Kashmoly! I have this many I’ll have to pick next week too…the Zucchinni will be ready next week too,!!![IMG_20180526_195755|562x1000](upload://e79T3LYGO4IGQXSaz1uAMUHyyg



Yellow squash, fried onions with a little olive oil and garlic sounds pretty darn good.


I didn’t have any garlic but I didn’t just cook squash with onions a little olive oil and dipped in a bit of corn meal…oolala!


Appreciating my Old Man of the Forest leafing out. Im guessing hes 250 yrs(?)
3 person bench under canopy for scale
One reason we bought this house. I needed that tree in my life :blush:


I tore out a few grafts that didn’t make it today. All my plum grafts failed. Two were iffy as the scions were super skinny - maybe 1/16 to 3/32". The other was a pencil-sized scion of Superior that started to grow fine. On inspection the Superior scion was well callused with the rootstock but the rootstock had died under it. Hmmpf. Bummer.


Sugar maple?


Having my morning cup of Joe while paying respect to those who made the ultimate sacrifice.


i love old trees! so sad that they’re getting rarer all the time.


Having a bit of a down day, as I discovered a bird (I’m assuming) went round to each of my garden areas and pulled out nearly every corn and sunflower plant. Ate the seeds and threw the top of the plant to rot. Why does growing sometimes have to feel like warfare. I should be glad it’s not my livelihood, I guess.


It is a sugar maple Matt :blush:


Me too Moose. Fruit trees are awesome but i love the old wild trees so much


My crop of plums were all killed by cold this year besides one of my seedlings. I’ll keep my eye on this one.


Dropped my daughter off at the airport in Charlottesville, she is flying to Ireland for a study abroad program with UA. On the way back I stopped at Edible Landscaping. They had a large number of trees but I was not impressed. The trees seemed a size smaller than they should have been for the pot (5 gallon tree in 7 gallon pot, 3 gallon tree in 5 gallon pot). Some of the smaller pear trees were embarrassing. I have bought from them in the past - they charge a premium price. I was interested in a 10 or 15 gallon Sweetheart Cherry because I have a difficult time getting cherry’s to live, so I thought bigger might be better. In this case 15 gallon did not equal big tree.


That’s a nice place you have Dave.


I see at least one fruit has set on my 2nd leaf nectarine


Nice bunch of plums Clark. My thoughts are why it survived the cold weather and should I graft more of these into my orchard. Hope they are good tasting.