What's happening today - 2018 edition


Driving down a road near here earlier today and had 7 or 8 squirrels run across the road. It was like a herd of zebras, but squirrels. Must have been a family. Not a good sign :frowning:


Caught one the other day in my rabbit trap - no rabbits, alas


Chandler is a sea of white bells right now.

These are the flowers on Raz some are open, some are almost open, and some are just forming.

Cara’s Choice has an interesting blue-green color on the calyx of the flowers.


I may be able to propagate some plants with cuttings from the other one,this Summer. Brady


That would be awesome as another at this flowering time or close may be needed.
I have not taken notes, but noticed the Russian Plants look different from the Japanese. Now hybrids of them together are around too. t will be interesting to compare them all if I can keep the fruit! I have to start netting my fruit soon, so many things are getting there already!


Handful of cherries. I’d like them to darken a bit more but so do the birds! :rage:


Looks very healthy Drew. I have a hard time getting my fruit from my bushes. The critters don’t like to share. Mainly the chipmunks get into my neting.


They are the worst! None here, thank you to the powers that be! A simple net keeps all away here.

Most of my older Honeyberry plants are in containers. I only have two in ground.I’ll be using my cage and just move the pots to a convenient area to net. I have to do that soon. I should get a decent amount. Here is 2 of 5 I have in containers. One in the foreground is in ground, Honey Gin
The ones in containers are Borealis and Indigo Treat. Honey Gin had a couple flowers, so i moved these close for pollen.


Any idea what this is? East Texas


I put 30 bags on my two fruiting apple trees while thinning them last night. Hopefully in the future I am super rich and don’t have to work anymore so that I have the time to do hundreds of bags on 5 apple trees and 6 pear trees.


Is that growing off the big branch or just resting on it from another source?


Maybe buckeye pods?


I know they can grow around here but they aren’t very common.


I don’t know my brother took the pic and hasn’t gone back. It is in San Marcos


It looks like it. I wish I had more pics. Thanks


looks like even the leaves match if it belongs to the leaf in the upper right corner


Out spraying the stone fruit for the curculio, and I see a line of ants marching up the trunk of an apple tree that had really bad aphids last year. Hit them too


Usually I’m out doing the 100s of bags thing, but not this year. One apple tree barely bloomed, and when I checked today on the one that overbloomed, I find almost every cluster falling with no fruit set.

Timing is everything

Tho I think I’ll lay some blame on the bees, it was mainly the weather - cold and rainy for too long.


I had the same problem with lack of pollination. Had plenty of flowers but never visually confirmed any insects flying around them. Most of the flower clusters dropped. I’ll be sure to hand pollinate next year.


Edit. After Google, I’m not sure that I know the difference between the several types of buckeyes or even chestnuts.
they all look like the same pictures.


The picture that I posted is actually called a Mexican buckeye and San Marcos is not too far from Mexico. :joy::joy::joy:. I personally have never seen a buckeye here in East Texas but I have seen farmers pull them from their pockets having found them in their woods. So that’s as close a guess as I have to the identity. And the leaves do match up. I would have had to pull one of those down and open it up if I had found it but that’s just my impulsiveness. I’ll proably be the one to unlock Pandora’s box one of these days…:flushed::flushed::flushed::grin: