What's happening today - 2018 edition


I thought Moonglow was supposed to be fireblight resistant?? :anguished:


I just got my sweet peppers in the ground last week myself and have the same problem with weeds. I bought this to take them down and keep under control. Forward for cultivate, reverse for till. She’s gonna earn her keep! All this rain and the weeds went absolutely wild!


Sweet. Looks nice. Sure wish I had a rear tine tiller.

My tiller is a Husqvarna as well. But, it’s just a front tine version, and quite a beast to handle. The plots were a bit moist and it really wanted to dig in, I had to raise the rear depth bar to help it move along.

I had a little Troybilt cultivator the first couple of years here, but it was woefully inadequate for our big plots and occasional medium sized rocks. Too narrow and underpowered. It developed a fuel system problem the second year, so I took it back to Lowe’s for repair. Well, it never came back, so I told them to forget it and I traded up for the Husky. It’s still going strong now on it’s 3rd season, it laughs at stones!.


You can buy empty metal(new) paint cans at Home Depot or Lowes.

They seal petfectly and cost s couple of bucks.


I saw a Japanese beetle already! But I was also really excited to find wine grape bunches I had completely missed, lol. I thought hard frost had kept it from flowering. They look great.


My understanding is that many pears are FB resistant in sense that the tree can keep it isolated in the shoot for you to trim off, not that it never happens. By the time the tree is big they can shrug it off.


That’s great information Bob. I know about the Husky motorcycle but never had one of their tillers. I know they make a great motor. I’ll give this one a good breaking in today!


I thought the smell kept deer out. It does smell.


Simple question, is our new fruit tree logo supposed to fuzzy? It’s cute!


A few passion fruit vine cuttings finally began rooting not too long ago. Just put them in pots and into a shady spot behind the fence.

I had also had four miracle berries sprout up in my worm bin, so I transplanted those. The seed put almost all its energy into a good size taproot and now is just beginning to push growth above the soil. I’ve had bad luck getting these to flourish, so I’m hoping that giving it a bigger container to begin with helps.


Yeah, it’s been a good one. I also have a Husq riding mower. We bought it 4 years ago, so this is its 5th season of use. No problems with it yet, other than the battery was about dead after this last cold winter. But, I put it on a charger and haven’t had any problems starting since. It’s a 24hp, 48in triple blade, and I can mow our hilly 2 acres on less than a tank of gas. It has a reinforced mowing deck, so it takes a beating and still does its job well.


Spent a gorgeous Saturday mulching more blueberries…

Patriot blueberries progressing…


My garden today.


Beautiful pics well done


Grapes are blooming,I sprayed fungicide to control rot and mildew. Guess what, it’s raining now outside. Weather forecasted sunshine for next 5 days!


Had a very busy day today. Got awoken out of bed by my wife’s cousin’s husband, he brought a dump truck full of creek rock to fill in our lower driveway that’s been gutted by floods over the last couple of years. I did what I could to spread it out, but had to go to town to get the car’s oil changed. When I got back I hooked up the grader blade to the tractor and properly spread it out over the drive. It looks so much better now, just hope we don’t get any more heavy rain for a while so it can settle in. I had never used a blade before and think I did a pretty good job.

After taking a break I had to mow the lower orchard, which hadn’t been touched in about 3 weeks. OMG it was a jungle, I had to mow at the highest setting (3.5") and it still bogged down some. After mowing and re-mowing at a lower setting, I finally got it done, what a chore that was. Lots of big, wet clumps of grass everywhere, won’t let it get that deep again.

After that, I threw down some straw mulch around the 21 pepper plants that were put in the ground last night, and right at sunset, I was able to weed the 5 Triple Crown blackberries that had gotten shamefully choked with weeds and grass. Looks much better now. The Doodette planted a bunch of cabbages (20 or so) that a neighbor gave us for free, just hope the deer leave them alone tonight. She planted Flat Dutch, Stonehead and Bravo. Yeah, they probably needed to be planted earlier but when they’re free, you can’t be picky. She also sowed some radish seeds.

Also, since the indoor tomatoes and peppers are getting so big, I put them outside today under the deck to start hardening them off. These really need to get in the ground, hope to do that in about 5 days. The weather’s actually supposed to dry out and cool down next week, so that’ll be a good time for that. They were outside at least 6 hours and they look like they handled it alright.


Nice pics, things look like they’re doing very well. What are we looking at?


The blueberries LOOK amazing

They taste watery from the constant rain. Keeping them in a colander in the fridge seems to make them shrink and taste better.


The pc bites them when they are just 1/4" in dia. I baged over four hundred fruits without bites. The rest were all bitten! Triazicide doesn’t work. I don’t think anything to the home orchardist that’s sold works on pc. I’m glad I have bagged fruit. I’m even finding pc in my car! I sprayed every other day too with triazicide. I think it lures them. They can smell it from woods, lol! I do have a couple branches of plums that are just to much to bag that only have a few that are bitten. I’m sure the will be though.


I just drove an hour north to change my sisters oil in her Husqvarna. It sounds like the same tractor. It has a 24 hp kawasaki engine. The mower deck is thick steel construction. I like almost everything about that tractor. I thought she was going to need a battery when she said it sat outside all winter, but it started up. I do not like the plastic oil drain valve on a 90 deg on it that needs a hose hooked to it though. That thing was finger tight in the block, and didn’t have the extension hose. If it were mine I would put a solid pipe on it. Looking on youtube I seen a couple different plastic fittings there. One was a screw plug with an o-ring that they said to change every time. It’s in a spot where the oil will have to drip off the frame to get into the pan without the hose hook up. I made a bit of a mess. I had to get an $18 dollar oil filter too at the dealership. I want to figure out what one at the box store fits it. That’s what I do with my Simplicity tractor is buy a fram filter for it for $4.