What's happening today - 2018 edition


I just read the Ale-8 story you linked. According to their story, they stopped producing it in 1968.

I have been in Winchester, Ale-8’s home, many times. When we go to Reed Valley orchard, we exit I-64 there and head north to the orchard. I’ve never been to the bottling factory, though.

Just up the interstate from there, in Mt Sterling, is a candy store called Ruth Hunt, which specializes in chocolate confectionery. Oh my, is it good. The bourbon balls are so choice. The caramels, truffles and cream candy are very good too. If you’re a choco-holic, it’s the place to be. They also have a store in Lexington, altho I haven’t been there. You can actually order their candy online from their site:



A LATE ONE (a.k.a. Ale-8-one)……
yeah, if you like some caffeine when your have a giner ale…then give it a try.

I’ll buy an Ale 8 on rare occasions for lunch at a convenience store in Kentucky for Lunch.
I like it…but it has the same effect as coffee…makes you hyper and keeps you awake.
So I only do it for lunch once a month.

By the way, I can’t imagine why anyone would drink Mountain Dew…unless it’s the kind they make on ole Rocky Top!


I guess I’m a double freak, I like them both! My wife bought me a 12 pack of Diet Ale-8 in cans, and I think it’s about gone, so time for some more.

I get a bit more of a buzz from Mtn Dew, I think it has more caffeine in it than most other pops. A8 isn’t too bad, especially compared to some coffee I drink. Coffee gives me a harsh buzz, don’t know why. I try not to drink too much of it, but it’s kinda hard not too have that cup o’ Joe, especially in the winter.


It’s funny to hear POP again. I was raised in Ohio where that was the drink name. Here in the south it’s SODA. I used to say pop here and get that what the hell is that stare…


I have nice fruit on my Chestnut Crab and another set of blooms on it, nature is fun!


I’m late to the soft drink discussion (no self-respecting southerner can call them “pop” haha). I haven’t drank 6 soft drinks in the last 3 years-really. Just not my thing. Strangely, I drink Gatorade all the time- even with meals. Purely a taste thing, nothing to do with health-besides I’m sure Gatorade is just as bad for me as sodas plus it has salt. I used to live in Lexington, KY and Ale81’s were big there, but I didn’t like the taste. But like Bob said, if you like Ginger ale it isn’t a long bridge away.

@speedster1 you should be the one writing long posts instead of me because you are a great writer. I LOVED that story about you going to the grocery with the fam, begging for a coke, finding some change, then being crushed when you went through all that only to get a tab. The way you gave a little background, described the setting, told the story- I was right there with you and felt the frustration and pain when the machine screwed you. haha


Just add peanuts to my RC and I’m fine. Yeeee Ha


I’m a little confused by the use of the word “soda” by Southerners. I’m familiar with it since my nephews live in the Carolina’s. What then do you call soda? How do you distinguish it from pop?


In basic training we discussed this a bit. Soda, pop, and sodapop are all the same but used in different areas of the US. Same with drinking fountain, and bubbler.


Rainy week underway - checking the cherries to see if they start to split


I don’t think I’ve really heard folks use the word ‘soda’ alone. It’s either ‘pop’ or ‘soda pop’. I have heard in some parts that people use ‘Coke’ for all soft drinks.

Tab is nasty, and Pepsi isn’t far behind, imho. But, like I said before, I’m not really a cola guy, except for Dr Pepper, which I wouldn’t consider a cola.


The red cherries in the Tupperware are good old Montmorency. I think this is a very under-rated fruit that doesn’t get its due. If you let them really ripen to a deep red (riper than the ones in my photo-many of them were picked a little early) they actually get sweeter than many people think. They are, for me, one of the easier fruits to grow in terms of insect and diseases, Picked dead ripe they are great for fresh eating, and picked at the stage shown in the photos they make the best preserves and pies of anything I grow. In short, I’m extremely happy with my Montmorency Cherry trees-more people should grow them!

The Black Tartarian cherries were just fantastic. Always fun getting sweet cherries here in the hot south. My only problem is that for all the success I’ve had with BT, I can’t even get any of my polinators to grow fast enough or large enough to properly pollinate my BT’s. But I’m slowing getting there- my older BT had the most cherries ever, but it still wasn’t a lot.


Haha. While I appreciate the compliment, I dont enjoy writing at all. I have to write too often at work and it gets old. But I do enjoy telling stories and inherited that trait from my dad. Sometime it can take him 10 minutes just to tell me he cut his grass today. But I love him amyway. Lol


We would say give me a coke and the reply would be, what type? So, coke, soda, or pop, take your pick.


My nephew says soda, and well if I ask for vodka and soda, am I’m getting vodka in a coke or seltzer and vodka? We call seltzer soda or soda water. that is what i was getting at.

We use it for cocaine besides just coke, if you want a Pepsi, you better say Pepsi.


Martins and orchard.


You sound southern! Coke for soda and peanuts in your RC!


I love RC too but my ol fave is C and C. Can only find it at the beer distributor these days


we call it soda up here. when i was a kid there was a company from canada that would go around door to door selling bruinswick soda in wood cases. that was the best soda I’ve ever had! their strawberry, cream and rootbeer was like eating instead of drinking. they were in 6oz. coke looking glass bottles. they reused the bottles and gave you money off your next purchase when you saved the empties. my father said it reminded him of the soda fountain shop soda you got in the 50’s.


I was born in Virginia, lived in Mississippi, South and North Carolina, Nebraska, Utah, California, Arizona, and on and on. I had gypsy in my blood until I got married. Now I’m a solo cup kind of guy!