What's happening today - 2018 edition





Even soda sounds kind of odd to me. It’s always soft drink or sometimes Coke/Pepsi meaning soft drink :smiley:


I think “a soda” vs “soda” or “some soda water” must be how people distinguish it. I used to wait tables, and it might be that fewer people use soda down here in their drink choices, too.


Anyone seen Japanese Beetles out this year In VA/MD/TN/WV/NC region? I saw one a week ago and none since. This is late for the beetles to come out.


Have not seen any yet here I WV. I normally get them really bad. I did use curitive grub control this spring and will use preventative control later this summer. I’ve been wanting to try milky spore but as of yet I haven’t.


Yep, they’re here in the Piedmont of NC. I saw just one the other day, and now they are all in my roses, grapes and this almond tree they love for some reason. Over a dozen and it’s just starting.


Well, a hundred years ago or so, I guess a Coca-Cola had the real thing in it, albeit it very small quantities.


Yes it did. Developed to help people get off alcohol. Ironic as cocaine is even more destructive than alcohol. Things are even worse now, In my day drugs just ruined your life, today they kill you.


I didn’t know where else to throw this.

@derekamills I love your posts on NAFEX facebook. Just ribbed ya last night about Blenheim Orange, I don’t have that variety but I remembered the name as I read about that stuff all the time.

Whats your earliest ripening apple at Hocking Hills, and what early one generally hast some fruit that avoids frost on most years?

I really want to try Devonshire Quarrenden and Irish Peach as a big reason I got into grafting was Stephen Hayes videos. I grafted those 2 this year but they may be on the small % that failed this year. DANGET!

Did the “Slor” apple graft take for you?


Have a coke and smile!


I’m visiting my Mom in OK, helping her with her plants and trees. Last year I went to Atwood"s, a local farm supply store, and picked her up a bare root pecan tree. I forgot what variety it is, maybe a Cheyenne? It had huge roots, I had to dig a huge hole for it. I frankly wasn’t expecting it to do well, based on my failures with bare root pecans.

Anyway, now the tree is doing really well, it’s really put on some good growth. Here is a pic when I planted it:

And today:


Rain is happening today, and all week long. The cherries are splitting wide open

They’re at the point where they’re edible but by no means well ripened. Usually, I’ve had to pick early to save them from the birds. Finally, this year, I’ve got them netted up to exclude the birds and I’d like to let them get really ripe, but that will take another rainy week


Today I discovered that I will, in fact, pull a bagged plum directly out of mouth of a squirrel, rinse it, trim it and eat it myself.


Did the squirrel object?


It’s my understanding that this forum will not appreciate me saying what the squirrel’s opinion of me seemed to be. Fortunately, my dogs approached him for an interview and he felt there should be no further questions. I am picking them too early in response, because I was going to make a plum sauce anyway. They are tasty already just tart.


I’d like to hear more from the squirrel have you followed up? :face_with_monocle:


Picked our first two official fruits today…two redhaven peaches the size of large lemons. This is the first fruit from our 15 trees ever, and they were amazing.


Awesome danCO! Happy for you!!!


This is that same pecan tree (lower right), in relation to a monster huge old pecan tree behind it. It must be over 50ft tall, in the neighbor’s back yard. It has produced nuts, although I don’t know how it gets pollinated.


Yay! Nothing like your own fruit!