What's happening today - 2018 edition


Rural King is a Tennessee company. Apparently growing fast…new one coming into the KMart in Corbin, KY.
About 3 years or more, one went into old KMART in Winchester, KY. bb


ps. Mulch at $3.99 at Lowe’s or $1.99 at Rural King…Blue jeans $12…you get the idea.


The new advertisement goes like this:


        Rural King coming to a Kmart near you!!!



We have a Kmart over in a town about 30mi from here, and one up in Portsmouth, OH. To me, it’s like stepping back in time when I go in one, which isn’t often.

Same here, both of them are over in Morehead, not too far from us. I like both of them. I usually get all my bulk fertilizers at SS, and some fencing material. They have a nice variety of chicks to pick from in the spring.

Tractor Supply has very good prices on stuff like pet food, some fencing, good selection of seeds.

Both of them sell fruit trees in the spring, but I’ve never bought any from them. The two big box store trees we’ve bought were from Lowe’s.

We have a James Do-it Center in the town closest to us. So I guess it’s some kind of hardware chain in these parts. If I need hardware in a pinch, I usually go there. They also sell Stihl products.

I got a couple pair of blue jeans at RK for $10/pair, can’t beat price that anywhere, but we’ll see how long they last.


Rural king purchased the entire Kmart plaza here in my town. However they have not formally announced that are are opening a store there. The Kmart has been vacant for about 4 or 5 years. Its only 10 minutes from my house so I’m crossing my fingers.


Bought seed-starting mix


Hey! To ‘us’ it is!
But, I think I bore my ‘regular’ friends to death with my gardening reports! LOL It’s a lot like ‘The Little Red Hen’. No one wants to hear about it . . . . but they all like the extra fruit or veggies! :wink:


Ha! Honestly, I was reading that story to my kids last night and substituting their names for the cat, duck and pig. Pulling weeds is no fun, but there is no problem eating a pint of fresh berries several days a week.

I just checked on the onions and they are growing well. I removed the plastic cover and have the grow light about one inch above the plants.

I am excited about this upcoming year and feel like I’ve learned so much here I’m more prepared than last year. I feel like I started out last season without a plan for my orchard and now I’m fairly confident I can implement many strategies I’ve learn from all of you. I also feel that just participating on this forum helps me remember what I did because I was really bad at writing things down.


Made snow man pancakes for breakfast today. Kids were thrilled to get candy for breakfast. :slightly_smiling_face:


Fabulous! Bet they loved it! Cool Mom!


Those are so cute!


Morning folks. Staying in today. 30-40 mph winds and several hours of storms about to hit. Hopefully it will be good rain. Just got two new peach trees planted yesterday and mulched and fertilized everything yesterday. I use the spikes to a good rain would be perfect. Got all my pruning done as well. Everything is fairly young so it was easy. Just in growing branches, dead stuff and suckers. I’m trying to root some new peach trees from cuttings too…new stuff for me. I hope I didn’t fertilize to early. I’m not going to be with my trees for a bit and wanted to get it done. We are pretty well past any freeze time here.


Built a pull up bar yesterday, plan on having clematis grow up the posts


So I decided to take a nice walk after the rain. It always seems the fields and woods come to life after a good rain. Checking my trees as I went I noticed some buds popping out on mulberry, fig, and apple trees. Question…the tall apple picture here had some leaves still from last year and they got separated from the tree in the storms. Should I print the top down some? It’s a Pink Lady and I just planted it Late March last year.


Cut scions this morning. Moved two trees this afternoon. My Celeste fig (first year in ground) is most likely toast down to the roots. It was wrapped but in a poorly protected area. Our weather has been cold…colder than our zone limits. So if it died back to roots and comes out will it just send out new shoots from below ground? I’ve never had to deal with it before. @Drew51? Cleaned up asparagus beds this afternoon. I.AM.READY.FOR.SPRING.


Go EAGLES!! :tada::tada::tada:


The team, that played better, won tonight. Congrats.


:disappointed_relieved: guess so


Yes, it should.Sometimes base of plant is OK. It is a set back.


I got an e-mail from Gurneys saying my TrueGold peach had shipped. This isn’t the right time to ship/plant in zone 7A, although I can plant it with no problem. I usually avoid ordering from Gurney’s now I remember why …