What's happening today - 2018 edition


racoon harvested my sweet corn too and left big mess. :sob::cry:


Have they ever go after your Li jujube. They sure like to after my pears and pawpaws. They haven’t noticed the jujube yet.


I gave up trying to grow it years ago - squirrels


Uhg!!! I know they dont just steal they destroy
Sorry to hear they got u


Peach time!

I hope to have 150 peaches this year. Organic and mostly perfect thanks to the advice of all of you! Even the bacterial spotting is better after a little more sulfer than last year.


Great peaches and cute girls!


Lovely peaches, lovelier girls.

How many years have you had peaches? I asked because I had perfect peaches with no fungicide the first two years. By the 3rd year, brown rot moved in and has never left. I had one year’s total crop failure because of brown rot.

In my New England peach growing, an organic approach is a dream, not reality, unfortunately.


This is my second year getting a crop like this. I sprayed surround, spinosad, and sulfur three times. I had maybe 150 peaches last year, 25 the year before that and maybe 10 before that, but the squirrels got all ten. Scott mentioned he had five years before the rot set in. I’m expecting it in the future, but for now it’s cobbler time.


Lucky you. Congrats.


Here is my first picking of the mid season peaches. I loaded all these and took them to my hometown and gave a box to a few relatives and my parents. I honestly enjoy giving them away and hearing and seeing people’s reaction more than I enjoy using them myself! I’m taking another load to a bunch of friends this evening. This is what makes it all worth while!

btw…I’ll be doing a seperate thread about this later, but please note that every single tree that I picked these from had its entire crop - 100% - ruined last year by brown rot. This year I sprayed a mixture of Myclobutanyl, captan, and low-dose copper all season and there isn’t a trace of brown rot on the same trees this year. Even fruit with bird pecks that starts to rot doesn’t develop brown rot. We’ll talk more about this latter.


Had a surprise in my orchard this afternoon. Found one Shi Mi Tao hanging with a bit of pink blush. Hope it stays until tomorrow, so I can move my ladder and net it!!! So exciting! It is too hot and humid here, impossible to move a large ladder in this heat.


Those look perfect. I love the look on peoples’ faces too when you give them food you grew. Great job!


Thanks Jim! And you are sooooo right. But my favorite thing in the world is hand them one of my peaches, one that I’ve allowed to fully ripen to the point of being soft on the tree and tell them to try it. There is nothing like the look on their face when they bite into it and juice going running down their chin and arm! They get this look that goes from polite look someone has when you give them a small gift to a serious look where you can tell they have just realized how good homegrown peaches REALLY are. It’s even more fun when I give some to someone who has only had store bought peaches. They just sort of loose it for a minute! haha


Wow! What a crop. Me, I’m still waiting…


Picked these today…


Just beautiful!


Awesome! I want some eggplant soooooo bad. My first batch never even came up. I am assuming they just rotted in the ground from so much rain. I am trying again in a better drained area and hoping it doesn’t rain as much as earlier this year. Although it is still raining every day it’s not quite the 4-5 hour total downpours we were having…


I don’t do eggplant, peppers and tomatoes from seed. Just buy small plants late April / early May. Works out better for me. Eggplants are doing good for me this year.


This is a terrific site to see Kevin. I know it makes you feel good and you deserve this great crop. Hopefully I am not too many years behind you. I definitely need to adopt your spray schedule.


Cherry tomatoes and full size tomatoes on the same plant as a result of a rootstock graft.