What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


Having picked Empire today and finding them ripe, I realized I must bump up harvest for late apples 7 days due to more light in August this year than we’ve seen in a decade. Virtually no pall of smoke this summer: fabulous. So, will pick Connell (14 apples remaining) and just one Redfield in a week.


I picked the remainder of my peppers since we have frost forecast. I got 9 quarts of pickled hot cherry peppers done and 11 quarts of pickled jalapeno’s. Now I have Poblano, Cubanelle, Anaheim and Serrano peppers to process. Not sure what I’m going to do with them.


You must have an iron stomach!


The 10 surviving pomegranates, on my older ‘Grenada’, have ripened about as much as they are ever going to. I had to pull most of them - before I wanted to - because of the ‘rot’. The healthy parts were pretty tart - but good. A little waste on every one of them. This was the biggest. (Like ‘tumor’ measurements :grin:) . . . it was about the size of a very large grapefruit or ‘pomelo’. It was the largest that the tree has ever produced - but not the best. The calyx end was much more ripe than the top.

I have 2 more fairly good size ones, that are still hanging on the tree. Trying to have them ripen a bit more. Oddly enough - the best fruit this season was a very small one that fell off yesterday. It was the size of an apricot. No rot. And ripe. Go figure.

I got some fresh mulch, yesterday. Once all leaves fall, I’m going to rake all top dressing from under the trees and spray for fungus - then put new mulch down.


Saturday is big market day. Came home with some interesting things! Gambas and more huge raspberries!


Those prawns were large.


It is raining.


They are huge and taste like lobster.


An overcast day, too chilly to swim, but still 72F. Off to buy dinner. Pool is covered today.


So Mediterranean!


Lois, come visit, it is Mediterranean!


Picked the 2nd of my only 2 apples this season. First one was a few weeks ago, it had split. Noticed this one had split today. Both from the same tree, Stayman’s Winesap (M111 planted 2015).

No rain in ~6 weeks, so wasn’t a sudden infusion of water after a drought. The drought is ongoing, until tomorrow hopefully, predictions for 2" next few days. Finally… Anyway, the first one was very good but picked a little early. Hopefully this one is even better.


Looks like spring again


My wife’s uncle sent me these in the mail today. They have very little give to them. Will they ripen?




I hate it when violets get into the strawberries!


Giving microgreens a try. A small batch of radish were great, so now I’m growing a bigger crop of pea shoots. These were started in the dark and I just put them under the lights to green and grow.


What do you do with them, make salads? I grow micros too but just curious. :slight_smile:


I’m not entirely sure yet, since this is my first crop of microgreen peas. The radish micros were great in salads and mounded high on sandwiches. These I plan to try raw, but expect to mostly use as a main green in a stir fry or even just sauté them with a little olive oil and salt and peppers, plus maybe a dash of vinegar at the end. They are supposed to taste very much like peas.

I’m open to any other suggestions.

I must say I wish I tried microgreens earlier. They are easy to grow, there are a ton of types to try, they’re very healthy and I expect it will keep me in fresh greens throughout the winter. I’m going to try some buckwheat and sun flower shoots next. What types do you like?


@zendog, @Katie_didnt_Z4b.

Where is a good source for seeds.