What's Happening Today - 2019 Edition


I really like curled cress and arugula, they have an interesting peppery taste. Mustard greens are fun and have zing also. Radish and kale have probably been the easiest for me. Cilantro is my kids’ fav.

I have some buckwheat seeds I never got around to planting outside, I didn’t even think of growing them as micros. Thanks for the idea, I will use them that way.

I watched a lot of youtubes about growing micros and for a while the trend seemed to be corn shoots. Those were the only ones I didn’t like. They taste sweet to me, and they are like thick blades of grass so I’m not sure how to eat them.

And yes, it is so nice to have those fresh greens when it’s frozen outside.

@thepodpiper I bought from True leaf market.
I buy in bulk to save on shipping costs. The seeds last me a good while. They sell a purple radish variety that is fun to throw in to the mix for color. I have saved seed from mustard greens to use for micros, mustard is so prolific and easy to harvest. Something to consider.


I agree with that True Leaf is a good source for seed. That is where I bought most of mine, including several I haven’t tried to grow yet.

@Katie_didnt_Z4b, just in case you aren’t aware there are some issues with eating buckwheat greens in larger quantities - something in them called fagopyrin that can lead to skin sensitivity to sunlight, etc. I don’t think it is an issue for what you might consume from microgreens based on what I’ve read, but wanted to mention it. I believe people eat a fair amount of buckwheat “lettuce” in some parts of the world and there are supposed to be many beneficial effects including reducing blood pressure. Just don’t binge on it I guess…


Apple I picked from abandoned vacant area with many apples and pears that are not cared for anymore.
I had to move my lifeberry gogi plant because it had near zero growth next to the very prolific flowering passionflower. It had one fruit bear after transplanting to a pot. Any suggestions how to ensure it thrives in a different location?
Unknown growth, what are these plants? I found them near the trunk of my one year old persimmon.
Tomatoes and grapes I grew in basket with apples and bananas I got at the store.


The mini pea forest is off and running. I’ll probably harvest some on Tuesday.


That unknown growth looks like a persimmon rootstock sucker. I’ve had those come up in my lawn.


This looks amazing! I love pea microgreens, so sweet and crunchy. They’re very expensive to buy at the store.


Getting there…I can’t wait.

Four year old Eureka


This is a very pretty tree. Looks very productive and not too big (Short people friendly). How tall is it @k8tpayaso?


Maybe 7 foot. I can reach the top…I’m 5-9. I’ve pruned the top a couple of times taking scion wood but it tends to stay a good size.


Last year was the first year it fruited and it had a lot of fruit. I was worried that it might not fruit as heavily this year and it did drop A LOT of fruit but looks like more fruit this year than last and some of those persimmons are really large.


How interesting. These had riots do I planted them elsewhere. So it is typical to send up suckers? If they do grow up, it would be more of the rootstock variety then. It is from Dave’s nursery. Not sure what they use.


Found these two hanging around one of my in ground fig. :joy:




And off with this head the queen decried!


Yeah, a bit macabre, isn’t it!!


just picked a large flush of grey oysters off a maple log i had lining one of my raised beds. stirfry tomorrow!


My first walnuts.


Yet like most dudes we just go back for it everytime no matter the consequences!


Last week’s freeze didn’t materialize. I picked the riper Fujis on my tree but left the green ones. Now I see them starting to color up.


In the Farmer’s Wednesday Market today, squashes for the first time started making an appearance. The ‘Potiron’ is the most common of the squashes and they are delish, boiled, or baked with butter and brown sugar. :kissing_heart:. Mrs. G!


So sorry , I was surprised that the pics were on their side, but don’t know how to right them. Maybe Scott can help. Please? Xxoo Mrs. G