What's happening today 2020


Thanks. I sprayed a diluted solution of hydrogen peroxide and vinegar. Hopefully, it’ll remove the mold and the tree remains healthy


Great apricot harvest this year, this is Tomcot apricot, a family favorite! Large, super tasty, and we always get a good harvest, one of the best.image|690x920


And the 2nd tree, yet to pick but real close


So, you have two Tomcot trees? What other apricot varieties do you have?


@Ahmad, I also have, 2 trees of Orangered, Tasty rich aprium, Royal Rosa, Flavor Delight, Blenhiem, Katy, and Sparks Mamouth. About 2 months worth, have not fruited Orangered or Sparks Mamouth, but looking forward!


How do you rank Royal Rosa compared to the other varieties you tried? I don’t hear much about this variety.


Royal Rosa is early and good here, similar to Royal Blenheim, but not as rich. The Tomcots are hard to beat as they crop better than any I have, and the size and flavor are excellent.


My wife decided she wanted to try growing pears inside of bottles. If they work, she’ll make some sort of pear drink (brandy maybe?) from it. It will be interesting to see how they do in the summer heat. I was thinking of covering the bottles with tin foil to keep them cool, but didn’t know if it would be bad for the fruit to be in 24 hour darkness. We tried a couple of different methods of spring the bottles.


My wife was placing an order with Burgess (flowers) and asked if there were anything I wanted. I took a look and asked her to add a Black Tartarian Cherry to her order. Took them forever to ship, they blamed Covid, etc… When the order arrived everything that was bare root was dry as powder. We’ll see if any of it survived… Anyway, the tag on the “cherry”:


That’s frustrating.


Garden update-
Crandall currant seems to be setting much fruit.

Kuganskaya quince grows as a bush here. It is in bloom for the third year, if it does not fruit I will buy it a pollination partner.

Autumn olive in bloom for the first time, year three I believe.

Garlic looks good and is above knee high on a short person such as myself. Never mind the baby doll :slightly_smiling_face:

Strawbs coming along. I didn’t cover them and had to remove many black eyes but many good blooms remain.

New buff orpie chicks that I snuck under a broody hen in the night. She adopted them. The lovage is about the only plant they won’t touch.

Honeybee honey berry is getting quite large, probably 4’ high.

Tomatoes are small and hard to see but this is the trellising system I use.

Rovada red currant bending from the weight of fruit

Juliet cherry is a little top heavy due to rabbit browsing. It has a handful of fruit forming

Harrow sweet pear will be an espalier on the side of my garage

Cukes will climb a trellis over the honey berry to provide shade during hot summer months

Potatoes looking good, I need to weed the million baby mint plants out

Cheerful flowers to end- one is an itoh peony bud, it will be flowering for the first time! there’s a lot more pictures of young trees but I don’t want to bore!


Nice, Katie. Things in your garden look good.


my stuffs just leafing out and honey berries are flowering.


Plums at shuck split, apples starting the June drop. Cherries way ahead. No other tree fruit bearing this year - no nects or cots.

2 years in a row w/o apriums


I still can spot a few flowers on one of the yezberry honeyberries, alongside fruit. We are having our first really HOT feeling days, with humidity. Those types of spring days where you can almost see the plants growing in front of you! Dandelion seeds are blowing all over.





that weather is coming weds here.


I went from shutting off my outdoor wood stove to turning on the air conditioning. Everything is growing fast with the hot humid weather. Plus we had lots of rain.


definitely different feeling air today. hot and hazy. chance of showers/ thunderstorms wed-fro mid to upper 80’s. cmon rain! back to dry and 65f sat. sun.