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Thought that I’d try something we do on another forum that I frequent.
Just a place to put random chat that you might not otherwise feel post worthy.
It’s crappy weather AGAIN today so I keep checking for new posts all day.
If the mods want it might be best to delete this Thread tomorrow as it
may have ran it’s course.

Yesterday it rained and stormed all day and the only thing that I got done was to
prune some competing limbs from my Bradford pear that has real pear limbs
grafted on to.

No need to follow the conversation. What’s up?

I was diagnosed with Lyme disease a week ago. So that has been fun.

That sucks, we have lots of ticks here and I feel like I have just got lucky so far as I get bit a lot every year.

I’ve had a few ticks on me this year also. I think we have a different kind though. We have dog ticks a lot.
I have never seen a deer tick although we may have them .

I don’t live in the country and haven’t been out in the woods all spring. I’m sure they can come in on birds, dogs, squirrels…who knows. Erythema migrans showed up last Sunday morning on what i thought was a mosquito bite…it continued to expand over the next day…its almost cleared up now. I’ve been on Doxy since last Sun. I still have some pretty nasty nerve pain in my neck. Hopefully it clears out.

Rob, I hope you have an uneventful recovery.

One of my sisters was very sick for almost 2 weeks before she was finally given the diagnosis of Spotted Tick Fever this past week.

Although we have many pesky insects here, we are fortunate not to have ticks or fleas around our stomping grounds.

I have a good friend who got Lyme disease a couple of summers back. It went undiagnosed for a few months, but now he is totally fine after treatment. I hope you’re recovery is uneventful as well.

Wishing you a very boring and uneventful recovery.

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Thanks…yeah i hope it just fades away. Plenty of horror stories out there. Months and months of antibiotic treatment doesn’t sound like much fun.

Sorry to hear that Rob. I had it a few years ago. Yet another reason why I hate deer, we were hiking in a spot overrun with deer. I got very lucky in that I put 2 and 2 together and got on antibiotics early. But I still got some pretty nasty symptoms. Only a few days on antibiotics and all that went away.

Wow, Rob, really sorry to hear, but very, very glad you caught it so quickly, and hoping your symptoms subside quickly for you. And Scott, same for you. Callights, your friend is extremely fortunate. Lyme Disease is no fun. And know that dog ticks can carry Lyme Disease as well as deer ticks, amongst several other nasty tick-borne illnesses. It is always a good idea to monitor yourself after you’ve found a tick attached to you, and even keep a diary of any symptoms that pop up afterwards, and report them to your doctor, along with the tick bite, and the estimated time you think the tick may have been attached. Early treatment is the key with tick-borne illnesses. We have a fair amount of ticks here in my area, which I always found odd, because I don’t remember having ticks in Orange County, where I grew up (Fullerton in the hills, and then Huntington Beach). But, we sure have them here. I have to use monthly spot treatment with our dogs, and we also use a repellent spray when Dave takes them out on our water authority road for a run in the mornings (Sentry Natural Defense Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs). One of my nursing colleagues has post Lyme disease syndrome (PLDS) and has some serious neurological affects, now. Tick was embedded in her scalp for what they think was about 2 weeks before it was discovered. Very, very glad for both of you that you caught it early.

I was treated as a teen for Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, even though we never found a tick or tick bit, or lived in an area where ticks were known to live. Don’t know if I ever really had it, but my doctor didn’t take any chances. Think I was treated with Tetracycline, since Doxycycline was not yet available. Fortunately, I have my permanent teeth at the time. Had a rash was was fluish (although not everyone has that very distinctive rash with RMSF). RMSF can be fatal, especially in children.

So, being your diligent nursie on the list, you all in tick-infested areas, be mindful of your symptoms after any tick bite, especially if the tick has been embedded for more than 24 hours. Good topic to talk about on our list, I think, since so many of us have rather sizable orchards with tall grasses.

Rob, I hope you’re on a strong anti-biotic! Doxycyline? My husband had Lyme Disease years ago, but just got a new tick bite three days ago. So we’re going through his stopping the disease with three weeks straight of Doxy. I wish you a very speedy recovery and hopefully you caught it quickly.

warmwxrules, Don’t know what Lyme disease is, but sounds like it can be a serious disease. Hope the treatment works for you and you recover soon.

That’s rough. I got it while I worked either as a dog groomer or as a vet assistant. Its the tiny, almost invisible nymphal stage that really transmits it. An illustrative example: people used to come into the vet’s office saying their dog had conjunctivitis because of a reddened eye. The real cause was about 30-40 nymphal deer ticks lining the lower eyelid. They looked like a pale tannish-grey flesh color and that many could fit there, feeding. Mine went to my brain and spine which wasn’t fun but the meds do work. Best wishes to you.

Raining here. Mulberries are finally in. Found a roof leak and fixed it!

Yes, sorry to hear your troubles with the Lyme disease. I hope you get better soon. Oops I hit the wrong reply tab. Sorry IL847

Nice when you find the leaks. I dragged a water hose up to find mine. I slowly kept going up till it started to leak. I actually saw it first but wasn’t positive it was the source but had a good idea. When DirecTV ran the cable up the roof they nailed it to the shingles instead of the overhang, Idiots! I found my sisters leaks too. She has a modular house and when they put it on her property and adjoined the two halves of the house they shot spikes into the roof with the nail gun while holding the gun away from the roof so the nail would stick up. They did that to hook the gun onto it so they could be hands free. I’ve done it in the rough stage when framing but not when shingled and leaving them in. I bet lots of there work has been done like that.

Sheesh! If you do that at least remember to bang it in (or seal it!) all the way when you’re done. :angry: Awesome that you found it for her.
We had some roofing lift up on our front flat section of the roof during Hurricane Sandy; this bit of flashing near the stove chimney seems to have been loosened possibly as long ago as that and then just worked free in all the wind and rain last night. Got it tacked back in place and sealed it. Hope that’s the cure.
So satisfying, solving problems.

Funny roof story: when my hubby worked in building materials a man called and asked about what to do next installing the whole-house fan he bought. Hubby asked how far along he was, and he said well, I just got the hole cut in the roof… :fearful: Hubby said maybe the next step was to just go ahead and call the divorce attorney BEFORE your wife gets home.

Spent the day digging shallow trenches to divert runoff away from the house . So much rain and more coming .

Annie, Lyme Disease is a tick-borne illness. If you live in Illinois, you should make yourself aware of this illness, as you may have deer in your area that carry ticks that can carry this disease. I’m going to correct something I stated earlier - it is actually the black legged tick family (black legged tick=deer tick, and Western black legged tick) that carry Lyme disease. Dog ticks can carry Rocky Mountain Spotted fever, another kind of tick-borne illness that is actually more serious than Lyme disease. If an infected tick bites you (and has been attached long enough), they can transmit Lyme disease to you. It needs to diagnosed early for the best possible outcome (which, if caught early, should be a full recovery). Here are some links for you to read, to check out more about Lyme disease:


One of the things we all should watch for, if our orchards have tall grass and if you have ticks in your area.

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