What's the verdict on Honeyberries...are they tasty?


I got 4 honey berry plants from One Green World 2 weeks ago.
All were leafed out. I planted them in the ground right away. 3 seem to be OK.
One of them, the leaves dried out and dies. Will this one come back?
Just looking for opinions


they may. they’re a pretty tough plant!


Try shade cloth rather than netting, they cannot get stuck in shade cloth.


This is my experience on spring frosts but we get real frosts this one hit at 14f


Just wanted to update here about the Blue Moon and Blue Velvet honeyberries that I got in from Ison’s today. I was really impressed with the size for the cost. 28.81 for both, and they sent me an extra one that was iffy. I think it might be okay. I was buying some trees for my husband and these were add ons to my order. The extra for shipping these was 2.65, so just under 31.50 out the door.


that doesnt look good!


Nope, but its how it goes. This crazy one woke up last week when everything else was fully asleep but my apricot and a x a plum got hit hard too.


Nice honeyberry plants.


Is that a honeyberry with the frozen leaves?

Mine were not harmed at 14 in mid March. Nor were they harmed the past two nights in the 20’s.

From Pawpaws to tulip poplar trees…leaves are black on a lot of things though!


Ah Richard, sorry to see that. What variety? I’ve had a polar jewel at that stage of growth lose all blossoms and many leaves at -10 C(I think that equals 14 F) but it remained alive. Please let us know in a month or two whether this one pulls through.


@chinook Yep -10c. It was blue moon,lake or velvet and it flowers much earlier than others and is in a sunny spot which i would not do either again, It does make very tasty berries. Usually they recover from this in a few weeks when they have died for me is in summer. (I originally planted 4 six years ago and only have 2 left)
Some things just cannot hang with our swings when its high 70s one day and the next 14. We also have that dry heat / cold condensation punch.
I thought i had done a before picture a few days before a few messages up but i guess i deleted it :open_mouth:
Paw paws just hate it here.


The weather is strange. Constant night frosts and sunny day. It’s not raining for long. Plants do it. I will see how this cultivation method works. If not, there will be nice brooms.


Blooming Blizzard


Blooming Aurora


do you tie them up like that during the winter to make them grow more erect or do you do it all season?


Older shrubs in the autumn I cut off the ground. The new shoots in the spring gradually tie straight to the sticks until they harden and this lasts until the next autumn. I pick the sticks. After winter, I wrap them from the bottom with a non-woven fabric so that the growth buds do not activate. It can be done without this, but then remove it manually. At this time I unpacked it and left it already. They should maintain the upright growth and make it as if they were a bouquet. I’ll see how it will give me. What will be the advantages and disadvantages. I leave it for 2-3 years and repeat again. I’ll let you know how it turned out.


One of the sweetest I tasted. It is also aromatic.

Leningradsky Velikan

This year is special. It was very mild winter and all varieties began to bloom at the same time. Even those that bloom 1-2 weeks later.


mine are leafing out with snow still around them. rhubarb , currants and comfrey as well.


@Richard - I’m located in Centennial, Colorado and got hit by the same 14F/-10C hard freeze. I was able to protect my honey berries and raspberries by using a halogen light for warmth and covering them with a tarp. It was a lot of work and any spot on the bush that touched the tarp died. However, this is my first full year of honey berries and I want to at least taste a few berries. I thought the honey berries would tolerate the cold better, but seem to be inline with raspberries.

Overall last year - my apple trees did really well, first year grapes plants were awesome, raspberries just okay and my black berries were an absolute bust (fruited, but cooked in the summer sun). However, this is the year I get the blackberries dialed in: light, watering and fertilizer



Very nice!, Yeah if it wasnt 5 days of freezing and i was not working i would have tried to get something going i’m really sad i did not cover the peaches but with all the snow i was really hopefull. I think you will really enjoy the honeyberries i find them delicious. I have had two blackberries survive but they have never come close to thriving and i have not gotten any real harvest off of them, I went with the thornless ones so maybe a thornier hardier variety would be better but i think we are just far too dry too high ph and just not what they want over winter. I tried a lot of thornless z5 varieties the only ones to stay alive are PAF and Triple crown but i have not been successful with them by any means.