When should I regraft?

Grafting apple…braeburn or Grimes golden (not sure which) to MacIntosh. Its been 35 days.
And there are 3 scions on same tree with same behavior.
Other scions on tree a few leaves already.
I suppose you would suggest I wait.
Your Sixty days…gee… so what, I wonder, takes some grafts so long?
Did you graft others same time and they all took that long or just that one from many?

Could be less that optimal scion wood, poor cambium alignment which leads to extra callousing, cold weather.

Thanks for input.
I’ll give the scions more time.

2 to 3 weeks is typical. For some unknown reason one took 60 days but that is unusual.

Just saw this:

Thanks for that ref.“grafting thread 2021”
I posted (message 499) on the link about my regrafting.

I grafted two red flesh apple varieties this year. First one took off like mad right away. Second one showed no sign of life for weeks while I ignored it and yesterday I noticed it had taken off and is growing nicely. Its been probably 8 weeks since I grafted.


For apple, my skinny Granadine took about 5 week to push growth, Hawaii 7 weeks and Arlie’s Red is still thinking about if it want to grow.

Let’s not talk about persimmons. Great quality scionwood, good grafting technique but they just sit there doing nothing for several weeks now.


This is a picture of the red flesh apple that did not push growth for several weeks. It’s starting to thrive.


Just regrafted some peach scions last night…early grafts were unsurprisingly unsuccessful (1-2days of sun/20C highs then rain with highs of 12 and lows of 5-7C).

One interesting thing was that 3 or 4 veteran scions were sucessful vs 1 or 3 or 4 pf24c being my only other peach sucess local apricot scion also went 3 for 4on the peach tree. Wonder if certain varieties callous at lower temps?

I am successful with peach grafting when temp holds steady between 20-25 C. The yo-yo temp you had 20C down to 12 C in a span of a few days was tough.

I have never had any issue grafting apricots on peaches. It is much easier than peaches on peaches for me.

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My Asian persimmons have been a bit mysterious in their grafting response. I had one w/t that grew normally, another that started and then died (unwrapping showed that it had callused well enough that I can’t pull them apart). One chip bud didn’t do anything before drying out, one started strong then dried up, and the last one is creeping along, making progress between the rootstock’s attempts to sprout. It’s been about 6 weeks.

My JT-2 decided to wake up after 4 weeks (cleft graft on 5/8/21).

The rootstock was something I dug up from a friend’s home. He has a couple of mature American persimmons the have seedlings popping up all over the place.


I had one of my JT-02 grafts last year wait until nearly July to get going. I almost gave up.

So when you say “regrafted some peaches” do you mean remove original scion off rootstock, recut base of both and put back together?

No i mean make new grafts on different branches…i graft a bunch and then prune for structure and shape once i have my takes

Cool label. Is that from one of those laser etcher/engraver machines?

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Yeah it’s 1/8" birch ply that I laser cut and engraved. It’s a proof of concept and I have no idea how long they will last. They are triple dipped in Arm-R-Seal for UV and weather protection. I’m guessing 3 years but we will see. The acrylic tags and 3d printed tags made are going to last forever. These likely not. But like I said, I’m just playing around. Would really like to track down the multilayered acrylic and make labels out of that.