When to pick Gold Rush Apple

Wow. Out here on the cooler Marin coast, It’s usually around the first week of December, along with Pink Parfait and Hauer Pippin. Those three are the latest of my apples, though Lady Williams will likely be a bit later when it starts bearing.

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My latest apple is Lady Williams in mid-February and I pick Cripps Pink around New Year. Hauer Pippin and Waltana ripen in November here. It’s the first year I’m having Katharine harvest and they’re still unripe, so probably November or December. However, a lot of apples ripen much earlier due to high summer heat than they do in cooler areas.

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My GR has cracked but not that many. This year, this one is obvious. Not sure why

The leaves are still green and are the apples.


@Barry: Agreed- I find Goldrush devilishly hard to time when to pick. If I wait til all the green has turned to yellow the tartness is way down and sweetness isn’t there yet. This year I jumped the gun and probably picked too early. Aaarrgggh. I want the strong tart/sweet. I may have just spotted a very faint green phase that’s perfect.

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Katharine has been frustrating for me. It still hasn’t ripened a fruit here after five years, though the tree (on MM111) is a decent size now. I’ve been tempted to graft over it, but I suppose I should wait to decide until I’ve been able to try one. Hope that’s not the sunk-cost fallacy talking. What do you think of it, @Stan?

Apologies to others for wandering off topic here. To return to it briefly, GoldRush is very good in this climate, and easily my best keeper. I’ve grafted a second tree of it, in fact.

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Goldrush still on the tree without a single drop as of 10/24/2020 in Z5b NEW YORK 35 miles south of Albany.

Below is a photo of how they looked on 10/11/20


I have a few apple trees on MM-111 that grew in 5-gal pots through 2017, and in spring 2018 I planted them in the ground. I multi-grafted these trees in spring 2018, including a Katharine graft on one of them. Katharine produced a good crop this year. I tried a couple of Katharine apples over the last couple of weeks, and they are still too tart, so I’m waiting for them to ripen more.

Your fruit are so nice and clean.

My Gold Rush apples have not ripened fully for the past 3 years that they have fruited. Fortunately, they have still tasted very good esp. after a month in storage. (fresh of the tree are a bit too tart for me).


Here, my carelessly sprayed nursery consistently bears sound fruit form only a couple of varieties, including Ark Black and Goldrush. I get some cracked apples near the stem, but to a home grower that’s of little consequence.

As far as controlling rots, sometimes they are a calcium problem and sometimes a fungal one. So foliar calcium won’t hurt. If you include a fungicide program using at least Captan it might help also, but I’d be inclined to use a fungicide that also helped control summer fungus.

Yes, Michael. I’m wondering if you are using summer fungicide sprays or if the clean finish is the result of your open espalier trees. I’m guessing some fungicide intervention but on drought years low spray apples can be clean, especially on espaliered trees.

I have a lot of split apples like the one in your first picture. Seems like the longer they remain on the tree, the more they crack


I don’t know if they crack more, the longer they are on the tree. I have not notice that. It could be true in your area where it is warmer longer.

If temp will go down to 23F like it predicts this Fri, I will pick them all by Thurs.


First two Gold Rush apples, picked yesterday. There were 3 on the tree two nights ago, one disappeared. I’m going to put them in the fridge for a bit. Hopefully going to Soleburry orchard Friday to pick their gold Rush. and others.


Hi Everyone, Yes looks like we have some very low temps forecasted up here in the Northeast for Friday night. Is everyone going to pick their late ripening apples like gold rush?

My answer is no, not for tonight. It will be 26 F by tomorrow. I take a risk. I also have a tree full of Fuji. Did not pick any, either.

Also, it was wet and cold today. Too lazy to spend time picking apples in this miserable weather.


Yes I’m thinking the same. I have a tree full of Pink Lady that I need to make a decision on. Tonight looks to be the coldest night.

I have checked the forecast all morning. (do not have an outside thermometer). It did not go below 26 F. I hope we are OK.

I don’t know the actual temp outside right now. It is snowing :confounded:

It is going colder next night, not past one!

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Yes, I saw that. Unfortunately, it will be cold and snowing all day. Maybe, my ziplock bags on those apples will help mitigate cold damage.

May have a lot of apple sauce in the future.

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I’m going to hedge my bet and pick my best colored Goldrush apples. I’m not afraid of 25 but mine can be a cold spot and may get down to 22 which I figure is pushing it. My local forecast says its lightly raining right now, but all I see are big flakes soaring around.

No risk no learn.

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