Where can I obtain Adara rootstock or interstems?

Can anyone tell me where to get or provide me with Adara rootstock or interstems? Adara is a plum rootstock for cherries and I can’t find any other mainstream rootstocks like this, which I could use to grow plums peaches and cherries on one tree, ,and I can’t seem to find it for sale anywhere.

No-one stools it or roots it. People on the group interstem graft with it.

We all know what it is, believe me.

Best regards.

Thank you. I didn’t think of the interstem thing but I can’t even find a scion of it maybe someone on the platform has some or access to some.

Lots of people have it. When you want wood, post a new message. Use the Trading Post category from the multiple category-selections drop down menu.

Thank you I’ll have to try that sometime.

I have several that I rooted last year with about 18” of growth this year, if you wish to pay the postage I could ship it once it goes dormant, alternatively you can buy the Puente from Fowler Nursery in Ca which is Adara grafted onto a Lovell peach rootstock, or you could root your own from dormant scions
Kent, wa

Thank you. I will gladly pay the postage when you can send me some scions.