Which of these Pluot® varieties would you recommend?

I do trust your observation, though that sounds counterintuitive at first glance. Wouldnt it be reasonable to expect an early ripening variety to cope better with insufficient heat? I mean the later variety needs heat for even a much longer period. Thats why my bets were on Flavor Supreme. I didn`t have a choice anyway since Flavor Supreme is the only Pluot available in Germany at the moment (plus Flavor Candy which I dont know).

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I would think the exact opposite. FS is early ripening, thus early blooming, thus killed by spring freezes, so far 4 out of 4 years for me.It
Is meant for warmer zones where it could fruit earlier. Usually these types are low chill, I don’t think FS is that low chill, but I have the same problem with low chill types.

Those tenderness to spring freezes is another problem.
I was referring to fruitnuts hint that pluots need summer heat in the 30°C range to ripen properly. If that is true (I think it is) I would have expected an earlier ripening variety to fare better in a cooler climate. Maybe Flavor Grenade is simply an exception from that “heat requirement”?

I would also. Flavor King is a fall ripening fruit in cool climates. I can’t see how that would be good.

F Supreme does bloom a little earlier than F King for me. But is it really that big of a difference, I won’t think so.

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Maybe i will try to grow Nectarines again.

We had one tree that had delicious very sweet fruits for 1 year but then it died after a few diseases.

I have to look for more resistent varieties if i want to try them again.

The Gages on the other hand are definitely on my list!

Which ones are sweeter thank Flavor Supreme and King? THanks!

My FK ripened September 20th, It’s still warm here at that time, I was very happy with the fruit, sweet, delicious. For me FS buds are ahead of anything I have, and the only ones with damage this year… About 70% gone, brown, No damage to anything else. Well not yet anyway! I wanted to try it, as FS is rated so high. It’s not a good fit though. I have a 4 in 1 tree, so I will add others, and leave it a bit longer. If it was a stand alone tree I would pull it.

The austrian nursery “Starkl” says that Flavour Candy ripens between July-August.

I have to ask them if this is true.

I did some researching and got the report. My friend had Flavor King Pluot here in the cooler area. It ok to fruiting but the flavor is not too sweet Carot.

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I thought mine was sweet in zone 6a/5b. I’ll test brix this year. I can say it was the best plum I ever ate, ever! No matter what the brix. Now if I can get a decent crop!

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I am waiting your good report then find room to plant 1 FK Drew.

[quote=“fruitnut, post:5, topic:10219”]
Reaching from 20°C to around 30°C

At those summer temperatures I think you’d do much better with European plums. There’s a reason for that name. They can get very sweet.
[/quote]I’m wondering if all Asian plum types need heat to ripen properly.

Two years ago there was very little rain here during the growing season. I figured the rain deficit plus the extra sunshine would make my Asian plums exceptional. Wrong! They were the most bland I’ve ever had from my trees. I should of known when they were several weeks late with the ripening process. It was so cool that summer I never used the air conditioning. I think the local hardware stores still had all their A/C units in stock at the end of summer. Fortunately, it isn’t typical for my area.

Don’t tell the commercial growers in Michigan that!

Flavor queen is very sweet but IMO lacking in flavor. Geo Pride and Honey Punch are very sweet and have good flavor. Flavor Supreme can be as about as sweet as those three. Those can all make 25+ brix. Flavor King is more like 20 brix.

I’m not sure commercial growers really care if they produce quality fruit. I just needs to look like quality fruit.

I checked the historical summer temps at Traverse City, MI. They are consistently warmer with more growing degree hours than my location. Since I do alright most of the years I get fruit set, they should be doing relatively well.


Plum easier than pluot, they do very well in the cool areas, and theirs quality still very good. Some one seem do not like plum very much, but with naturally rippen some plum quality as good as pluot or even better tasting to me.

Hello Vincent, thank you for your research. I will report back about the fruit quality of FK in my climate. Since Drew also got good quality fruit chances are I will to.

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I often see NY and think about the southern end, which is quite warm. Traverse City a really good comparison as like Elmira it’s north and the west side. To give you an idea where I’m at, and we have orchards around here, Traverse city is 244 miles away, mostly north. That is how much warmer I am than Traverse City.

I’ve always wanted to go to the Cherry festival they have there.

They probably have very mild late summers/early falls up there with the lake absorbing all that summer heat. I know between La Crosse and Milwaukee…i have warmer springs/early summers…after that (mid/late July) Milwaukee moves ahead of me on avg temps and stays there for the rest of summer/fall/winter/early spring—all because of the moderating effects of L Michigan.

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Yes that fall warming happens here too, with Lake Erie to my south, Huron to the northeast, right next to Lake St Clair, and Michigan to my north and to my westt. My best tasting figs are in September. Indian Free fruits in October for me, and they are fantastic.Besides the wonderful rich clay loan deposited by the glaciers.