Which persimmons fall from the tree vs. never fall and must be picked?

It’s my understanding that kaki stay on the tree and must be picked ( cut ) off.
Most all American ones fall when ripe ( except “Sweet lent “ )
But what about the hybrids ? Do some of them fall when ripe ?

I ask this because of different pruning , ground cover requirements of each .
If harvested from the ground , this would require planting in a area that can be maintained as a short ground cover. Tree Heights not a concern .
Conversely, if picking from the tree .pruning to a shorter more accessible structure would be important. Ground cover could be taller.
It seams this information is lacking in most on line variety descriptions.
Your thoughts, observations , appreciated.


I think hybrids can go either way, The hybrid ones I know well enough hold onto their fruits. (sosnovskaja and sofies gift)

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My one Kaki variety IKKJ must be cut off.

My one heavily fruiting hybrid variety Kassandra must also be cut off. My other hybrid JT-02, which produced only one fruit so far, seems like it should be cut off. It looks like a small Kaki.

My one heavily fruiting Virginiana variety Prok will drop from the tree, separating at the calyx. Sometimes this leaves a hole whenever some flesh remains stuck to the calyx. As that increases the risk of rotting, it might be better to cut off the fruit and remove the calyx manually.

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I think morphology will give you an answer. Gora Roman Kosh stays on for example.

Not sure what you mean by the morphology will give the answer ?
Please explain .

Look at the fruit and see if the leaves are more kaki. I’d look at the fruit and start there since I don’t have any other source currently (either.)


Trust your instincts

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I would prefer to trust someone else’s experience,
Than my instincts.!

I am sure there are several folks on here that know


Years ago on a visit to Steve Breyer at Tripple Brook Farm in Southampton, MA I was shown an American persimmon that purportedly holds it fruit. I believe it was the John Gordon variety Pieper SAA. Steve told me they would hang until dry in the tree. A couple of years ago, I had the same thing happen on one of my Prok trees (but not the other). Nearly Al of the fruit held on until half dry. They were sweet and chewy, though not enough to put up without further treatment, I’d think. Interestingly, they were all seeded fruits. I still don’t know what the pollenizer was. It could have either been a self (which others have deemed unlikely, saying Prok “is only female”) or else it was one of two or three young trees, none of which I saw flower. One was H-69 , the others seedlings grown out from Lucky Pittman, including some hybrids. They were old, so I showed em in a batch and didn’t try to differentiate them. Too young to flower anyway, I figure.

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I meant to say H-63A, I.e. Praire Star

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Americans and those that look more like American (not like Kaki :wink: fall off over a period of time whatever it may be. Sometimes like Deer Candy hangs long or Deer Magnet or the ones antiquated for hunters.

Those that are kaki you cut em off.

Here’s Gora Roman Kosh. It has leaf and fruit morphology of Kaki but is a hybrid.

And… see how the inside is, kaki ?

Like an apple?

those you cut off.

I’d rely on how much kaki is present for a lot of this but I have no clue do I (?) That is true…



I’ve gotten some seeded fruit from my Prok. My best explanation is that the seedling rootstock sent up some suckers that produced male flowers. I didn’t see them; I’m just guessing.

p.s. Are you sure that H63-A is Prairie Star?

I thought Prairie Star was H-118 ?

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That was my understanding as well.

My experience with hybrids is limited to Rosseyanka (50/50) and David’s Kandy Korn(theoretically 5/8 kaki-3/8 virginiana). Both require manual removal from the tree.

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I’m pretty convinced my Prok self pollinated… No other explanation makes sense n the context of my orchard and what was mature enough to be flowering. I have Szukis & a “Geneva Long” that seems to only make stamenate flowers, but they’re far way, and the trees that are close to them, including another Prok, were all seedless.

Anyway, I know that this isn’t unheard of for Americans, but taking the subject line literally, I thought Id mention my experience. The fruit did not come free, incidentally, though I suppose I could have torn it loose at the calyx. I cut them with a small piece of stem attached. No amount of shaking would dislodge them, either. They were probably ripe starting mid-Oct. and I picked them a few at a time right through until around Christmas.

As far as Prairie Star goes, I could certainly be wrong. My tree is grafted from a tree a friend purchased from One Green World, so it came labeled only as ‘Prairie Star’. I had deduced that it was thee Claypool variety H-63A based on this description on Cliff England’s site:

H-118 is also known as ‘early jewel’

My L-89 holds its fruit until the animals get them - usually mid winter before they’re not noticeable anymore.

A logical inference, but One Green World says different on its website. They identify Prairie Star as Claypool H-118.

I don’t know what Cliff was thinking.